The Poison In You

What if I wasn't like you?

And I was just me, and Myself was true?


And if you did bad would it mean I would too? 

Would it mean if I did it, I'm exactly like you?


Would I be subject to your evil?

Would I be subject to your internal upheaval?


What if I am good in spirit,

And you might just rather not hear it


And if I did bad, does it mean I'm just like you?

Looking for an excuse for the culprit that causes blue?


Decisions left to baseless comparison

Myself gone from me, and origin

She tells me so, I'm just like him and her

Do you see my other qualities as just a blur?


Bring my poison, she admits me to it

Determines me as someone else and then she sits


Then, who am I?

A continuation of your deranged views, someone elses cry?

A Faceless Crisis

A face crumbles to the floor

and the question grows
No trace to find the locked door
Within it's secrets, trapped
and soon I will become the silence
Still without an identity mapped

and soon I will become the faceless shadow
Fast to soon slip away
With the colors gone and hollow
To bathe within the crumbles from my face
and the answer departs
Leading to nothing but empty space.

Forever to climb a mountain, a mountain called past 

It's true and you know it


If it hurts hold it firmly

If soothes strike it harder

because you prefer polar opposites.

And that which is truly good,

you consider consequently bad.


Sappy songs of retreat.

Wavey tunes of calvary choirs

is the state of your mental perception, 

and your voice.

Deception is inverterately its mark.


Paused to ask for questions,

the ones you thought you'd answered.


Delibrately in the condition of pity.

It was wickedness in youth,

a worse offender.

Who founded and caused,

degeneracey in its inception,

degradation was its conclusion.

Now you seek theJudgment you despised!


Should purple be a moulds colour?

It might have been dinner for you.

Or perhaps your blue berry muffin sub.

Unwittingly or not, eating the end.

When malady sets in, 

capitulation closely following.

And in impotence of unending sleep, 

you and your folly stay unremebered

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Too Bad

I speak my mind.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I bear you my soul.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe that all beings and 

life forms are all the same, 

and different, 

at the same time, 

and that we are slowly losing 

our connection to this concept 

as a species, and it is destroying us.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe there is a sanctity 

that lies within each individual,

every animal,

every life form.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


Don't like my

style of self-expression?

My authenticity?

My 'attitude'?

My disgust with closed-minded people?

My honesty?

My truth?


It's just plain too bad.

I love yours, and I hope 

one day we can meet halfway.



4:20 PM 6/28/2013







Author's Notes/Comments: 

"too bad"

The beast within

Beasts come in many forms,

they can be made or they can be born.

When your strengths become your weaknesses,

This can push gifts toward the worse.


So many questions to be answered

Yet there was no one to turn to.

Uncertainly blocked any progress,

The beast thrashes in return.


Proceeding instability,

Emotions set in quick.

Falsify, or repeat rejection of true self.


Normal normal,

What more could anyone want you to be?

Be quiet, be patience,

Be able to control thy self.


Little pedestal child,

With misunderstood needs.

Craved attention, meaning, and knowledge,

But was left to her own unease.


15 years later...


What? WHAT?!

I've never read about myself in such a fashion.

Overwhelming sensations appear.

Thoughts and feelings become clear,

only to bring on a new fear.


What now? and how?

So many thoughts,

So many steps.

I will make peace with the beast if its the last thing I do.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my feelings and thoughts about rediscovering I'm gifted on 6/19/2013

cracked mask


mask cracked.. tear spills out.
sudden shock as world turns real..
flash as wave of substance washes out..
echo as awareness of reality bounces back..
reminds me that you are leaving me..
hearts once met paths now taken in other directions
still a friend to me..
memory carried
coloring everyday
with lessons learned from
our meeting and divide..
mask carried to speak to a blind world
cracks as shape of society
falls away in the dust..
only my own voice to
be spoken
only own actions to be
carried out..
hands await the embrace
of a body
they are already destined to touch..
but today
i watch mask crack
and fall away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we all wear masks.. painted on with loving grace.. in the shape of fangs that hide our tears

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American Me

My blood line is from the South
You say my name in plain English
I have a pronunciation in Spanish
My blood line is Inca and Spanish
Nicaragua is the name
Karen, is my name
So, Americanize me!

Today, I saw your sun
Today, I have an accent
What are you waiting for?
Civilize me!

My eyes are brown
I have two legs, two arms
Brown hair
Deep creamy white skin
Now, do I have to wear short clothing?
So, you can accept me?
My skin is white
What are you waiting for, American me?
My mouth is shut silent
What are you waiting for?
I, too, have a tea set and; drink from a tea cup
What are you waiting for?
Lynch me

I look at your moon
Mine, is in the third world
What did I do to you?
I have distorted your world.
What are you waiting for?
Kill me.
Work me to death, educate me,
American me
I, too, know, I can walk alone.
This is your sun
Mine, is in the third world
Americanize me.

- Karen Oviedo

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You to Me

Who are you,

to tell me how to feel?

To tell me how to percieve

what's fake and what's real?

Who are you?

My mother, my kin?

My friend. My friend?

Well come again.

These loose words,

these false pretenses

that appear to make us see

these temporarily contact-lenses

But take them out,

see what I see

That's why I ask who are you?

But a stranger to me

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This walk never tires
The search never ends
What is there to search?
Why keep walking?
To discover oneself
To find purpose
And it took God knows how long
There’s no time here
No path as well
Only walking

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