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The sea sandsifting
Birds sandshifting
The wind sanddrifting


but the grass.... 


-saiom shriver-

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To Become

Society's filled so dark
A sickness fit to last
A hasty hungry shark
A one that bites the glass

The air turns a poison mist
and the grass turns to a distant waste
A glare becomes a fist
and then a flower becomes erased

Bill's Grass

Ah! The first spine of light
Dawn again, and I made it through the night.
Soon my owner will come and water me.
I hope he wakes soon as I am thirst-ee
Lookin' forward to hangin' with the boys on the lawn
could use a trim today, as my tips are getting long

Bob told me last night of a time without Bill,
when grasses like us could grow at free will,
supposedly we'd climb almost 6 feet high,
that's all the way up to Bill's eye.
Our long seeds would blow through the breeze,
sometimes they'd get higher than the trees
I'm glad all that's over, the tall growing stuff.
no sharing with clover, it's not half as rough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this in a few minutes during a writing exercise for mock teaching. The group loved it.

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Grass (Haiku)


Grass is lush and green
it truly enjoys the rain
can't wait for Summer.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

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It's the color of life.
     My life,
          green grass.
     New life
          seed sprouts.
     Renewed life,
          tree leaves.
It's the color of envy
     My envy,
          of life.
     Your envy,
          of them.
     Everyone's envy
          of stuff.
It's the color of freshness
     My freshness
          clean clothes
     Their freshness
          dirty words
     Earth's freshness,
          new life.
It's the color of movement
     My movement,
          my future.
     Your movement,
          full ahead
     Someone's movement
          beyond reach.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 16: color poem.

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