La pierrette

Le jour on la trouve drôle, adroite

La nuit elle frotte ses pieds blessés de ses mains moites.

Le jour on l'entend chanter, on danse

La nuit vers la lune elle pleure en silence.


Un masque noir, un chapeau bizzarre

Au cirque on la voit jongler les soirs

Sur la scène en équilibre sur un ballon

Dans la vie chancelante sous le baton.


Elle a des ballerines à carreaux, des collants bleus

Dans ses rêves une robe, une couronne

Et des jolis souliers mousseux

Dans ses rêves c'est à elle qu'on donne.


Non celle à qui l'on prend tout

Celle qui craint l'effrayant loup

Qui brandit le baton, donne les coups

Brise la jeunesse pour trois sous


Du rose sur les paupières, des ailes dans la tête

Elle est acrobate et magicienne

Elle est belle, adroite, experte

Mais rêve parfois d'un pull en laine


On l'appelle "idiote" la journée dans l'arène

Mais la nuit dans ses rêves on l'appelle ma reine

De jour dans l'estrade on la trouve grandiose

La nuit dans ses rêves poussent les roses


Un masque noir, des souliers bizzarres

Des bijoux en or, un diadème d'ivoir

Des coups, juste un peu d'affection


On retrouva un soir de pleine lune

Dans une ruelle une paire de collants

Et sur les chemins des forêts, en écoutant, 


On put entendre un chant.

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Rouge rubis

C'est une petite forêt tranquille

Epargnée par l'hiver, baignant dans l'été

Le soleil inonde une clairière, petite île

Ou s'achève sombrement une épopée


A l'endroit ou se croisent les chemins

Les regards haineux se croisent

Et pour un joyau rouge, l'un y perdit sa main

Ainsi que la source de son extase.


C'est une petite clairière silencieuse

Où l'on pu ce jour la apercevoir,

Scintillant sur des cailloux d'ivoir


Des milliers de petits rubis

Tombés de celui, qui, tantôt

Perdit l'un de ceux-ci, ainsi que sa vie.


Il naquit un beau soir de novembre

Et l'on cru voir le rejeton de lucifer

Il n'eut dans sa vie de sa mère

Qu'un petitarbre taillé dans la cendre.


On lui interdit l'accès à l'église.

Au marché, on hurlait:"file, sale bête !"

Au cirque, on hurlait: "quelle tête !"

Il n'avait de plaisir que de sentir la brise


Il fascinait les biches prudentes

Charmait les papillons craintifs

Et cueuillait parfois les fleurs des ifs

On lui arrachait avant qu'il ne les sente.


La nuit il comptait les étoiles

Le jour fuyait la foule comme la gale


Un matin on retrouva dans une ruelle

Une petite silhouette toute frêle


En silence, recroquevillée dans le noir

Comme il fut abandonné un beau soir.

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Have you ever thought the reason why volcanoes exist on the earth?


They say that he would warm us from the bottom of our heart


And push out our faltering courage to outside the world.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


It is inappropriate to express volcane for this way because people are suffering from it in 

the world such as Hawaii and others.

I hope people read this to understand I use volcano for image....

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A Broken Glass



A broken glass               

pointed angles all over

giving off its light dimly

Waiting for a trigger.     


The broken glass may be a piece of Diamond 

Creating Aura from its universe

Strength from its nucleus

Fragility in shadow

Silence in clearness


Words in color

Beauty in balance

Passion in calm

Reflection from darkness


See all these sincerities appear on his surface

just exists for someone to find






Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this poem when I met a man who has beautiful mind but he does not know it himself.


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In contrasts to your darkness and light is your will to live



From the coals of sacred texts, brought fouth from ancient whispers of a circle of unbroken time, dipping and acendinding its change state, as the one constant in unending continuity. Therein lies a simple truth, corrupted with gentle persuasion. 


The state of being, the being of state and status of beings. 

There are three main laws for us to purview and avail here and now, or in past and future possibility. There is one rule that seperates, yet, reconsiles and is master of all truth; ugly or beautiful it renders life in death, death  into life and life into death. 


to live evil live to  - live.d.evil

to Evo L ovE to 


The cycle that never alters its identity making Its mood known in all forms and states; the All as in the We collective; and as the I; AGAPI, the known mystery of presiding over both and the first of the third.


Go.d  and evil.


Live with the hidden truth in plain sight. Felt  with intense realness,  hidden in semantics of languages  long lost and forgotten,  but none is needed to unless seeking to corrupt the incorruptible what is known and fails in explanation.


For  this very reason,  the logic of AGAPI (love) in all its moods, colours, ugliness and beauty fail to be described. And still, the poets' pride tries in vain to capture the whole.  Ever so often though, glimpses resonate and we can see a temporal portal with the promise of the indescribable known.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the few temporal and literal scholars here who might find something of interest here. Blessings and Hugss 

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Imagine Everything Is Backwards

I just want to be

With the night.


Quietly write.


Just float in space,

And feel misplaced.


Weightlessly fly.


Gather letters and words,

Sounds that taste like rain.


Voicelessly sing.


Carefully calculate



Condense the expansion.


Melt it into an ice cube

And swallow it whole.


Shut in the out.


Turn on the dark,

Greet each subtle whimsy,

As I dangle from the edge

Of a crescent moon.


...and swoon


I want to be with the night.


















Author's Notes/Comments: 

Imagining anything I want is backwards. 

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One Second

My 30's 2014+
I touch your skin,
But I feel your heart.
I graze your face,
But I tremble from your soul.
My lips caress ever so slowly slightly against yours,
But I feel it inside me.
My chest pressed upon your chest,
My blood is rushing at maximum speed.
My body moves without me now,
Controlled by our spirits,
Slowly touching inside us.
I can't pull away.
I do not want to.
My body sweats from within,
Dripping of lust.
Evaporating from the heat of your heart.
Each second intensifying,
Getting harder and harder to breath.
I latch on like a chain link,
No chance of letting go.
Our bodies just messengers of our souls.
Then your breath grazes my face,
If I was standing my knees would buckle,
My muscles would give.
No strength in the world,
Could make me stand.
I open my eyes,
We stand all alone,
Surrounded by nothing,
But our love and our souls.
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Mortal so he comes,

Be it not for his immortal crowned head,

Thorned upon the throes of man and beast.

His eyes fall upon the soul of Hadies world, 

Formed against decapitated ring heads.


Maybe his past soul fell among the rubble of distant times,

Punished by Zeus to see all gaze into his octopian eyes.

Every man fears his stare,

poisoned among those iris hollowed strong,

Like the holes of Christian feet,

Bleeding for eternity among the sin

Of what once was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the Greek Mythological creature the Hydra

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