The Unconditional Mother

I am the Earth beneath your feet,
And the seed nestled betwixt them.
I am the rain to guide the seed to fruition,
And the sprout that bursts upon the meadow.
From sprout, to sapling, to bark, to birch,
I am every twig and leaf that falls to Earth.
You come with ax and now I'm timber,
To the mill and then ship builder.
I was the cotton in the field,
But now I am cloth for your sail.
I am the ocean you take to distant lands,
And the wind you catch within your sails.
I am the Earth, you are my leech,
But I am here for you, whenever you need.


I’ve heard snow to be white and pure

Without a mark to taint its beauty.

But now I look at around, unsure.

What I see is not white

Is not pure.

Maybe once, it have might.

But what I see

Is a barren field of powdered dark

With not a tree

Allowed to grow

As the frost kills the seeds below.


I wonder what could have done this

But I know the answer.

The pollution could not miss

The lazy world

That did nothing

To protect that which pearled.

And now it is gone

Lost forever,

That which stretches on and on

Contaminated by the effluence

That none recognize as a strong influence.


I cannot see my reflection in the shadowed ice

And I feel alone.

Then, far in the distance pallid and nice,

A patch of nothing,

A patch of opportunity.

And, to be honest, it makes me want to sing

Because I know

Someday it can be fixed.

And one day we will sew

And when we reap

Life again will peep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one has both a literal and deep meaning. Pollution of Earth and self. Sometimes I do feel alone, like the only kid who doesn't constantly watch high rated movies and shows, or talk about the evil things of life as if they were funny. The worst part? Everyone seems to give up when we get to middle school, though parents stop caring long before that.

To Become

Society's filled so dark
A sickness fit to last
A hasty hungry shark
A one that bites the glass

The air turns a poison mist
and the grass turns to a distant waste
A glare becomes a fist
and then a flower becomes erased

welcome hell in heaven

welcome hell
welcome to Earth
you born like child
your beginning was small
your ending will be large enough
exist till end of the world
you grow like kid
grow brighter and brighter
still growing like height of dinosaurs
become dangerous like lightning in the sky
storm in the ocean
grow hell grow
become older than older person
live in the heaven as long as you can
don't worry your end won't be so soon

welcome hell welcome
proceed in everyone's deep part
in understanding exist with far sitting misunderstanding
grow hell grow hate
grow distance between relationships
grow scorn in everyone's heart
grow hell grow
make no difference between friends and enemy
take your step in everyone's sweet heart

welcome hell welcome
take your foot in heaven
in everyone's heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

describing pollution in earth and hate in everyone's heart

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Nature's Cry

Ugonna Wachuku 



Weep with me because our enchanting oceans

and seas are polluted. Weep with me because

there is nuclear danger dumped in the icy
north. Let us weep because climate change 

is upon our enchanting earthly home. 


Weep with me because fishes are
dying. Dolphins are singing no
more. Weep with me because oil
is choking earth's oceans to


Weep with me because our trees
are dying. Human hands defile
them. Weep with me because our
farmlands can no longer be
pregnant with seeds: Famine,
barenness and starvation
menacingly storm through
the earth in broad day


Weep with me because I went to the
Niger Delta and the earth was dead.
Ogoniland has been stripped of her
fruitful environment and natural
wealth. Weep with me because I

wentto Odi and Odi village was



Deeply weep with me because I went
to France and saw the sea spitting
oil. Weep with me because oil tankers
now break into two at sea. And now,
this Prestige, off the Spanish coast
has fatally wounded earth's oceans
with oil spills and leaks once more:  


I am so deeply hurt, and keep asking:
Why wasn't that oil pumped off the
Prestige into a healthy tanker all
those days it sat there waiting to
break and sink??????????


Countries talk dumb and hopelessly
dumb letting their numbness to truth
and urgent reality reveal heaven's
weeping heart for dying humanity
and our bleeding earthly home.
And now Spanish government
apology. What use is this
apology now? What use???:  


And the USA Gulf of Mexico 

one with BP: and more: 


Weep with me because I am dead.
Weep with me because you are dead.
Weep with me because our beautiful,
chanting birds are dying. Weep with
me because our bountifully and
wonderfully created earth is
singing a glarring dirge.


Weep with me because Igboland

is weeping for her own and
all humankind. The land
of the free and the home
of the brave is also
weeping. All earth is
weeping indeed.  


Weep with me because I am Mother
Nature and I am weeping for earth
and every uncaring human being.
My brilliant blue earth is fast
dying. Dolphins are singing no
more. I am so scared. So, weep
with me. Let us meet at Mt.
Olives. Let us plant the earth
anew under heaven's loving eyes
of compassion.  


Come, humanity, let us save
our dying earth this new day.
Yet weep with me because I am
Mother Nature - I am heaven's
soul - and I am weeping for
earth and all humanity! I am

weeping for our dying oceans! 

I am nature. And I am crying! 

Our climate is changing and 

global warming is threatening 



I am nature! 

I am earth! 


I'm weeping!