"Thought Process"

by Jeph Johnson 

Sometimes everything in my head

Feels like ping pong balls

Bouncing around in my skull

Finally emerging flattened

Like a thin slice

Of George Carlin's brain

Through what resembles the slot

Where one would insert their ATM card.


Only upon further review

I realize it is really my butt crack.


How about you? 


How would you describe your thought process?

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12:05 AM

Lying in the darkness

My pen will find

The whiteness of the paper

With my eyes closed.


These black scribbles

Are meaningless nothings

That fill the silence of the page

With beautiful noise


A head so cloudy

Overfilled with hopes

And the worries of last night

With more to come tomorrow


Lying in plumes

Of grey smoke that float

Up to my ceiling. Like clouds

With less tears to rain


These black thoughts

Are meaningful everythings

That fill the noisiness of my mind

With beautiful distractions


A mind so heavy

Way too full with worries

And more and more that just keep on

Coming and coming. My

Heart wants to know

When it will all just


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sitting alone in my room with only smoke to accompany me and my miserable thoughts - how most of my evenings tend to be spent, musing over the same single object of my affection.

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I was thinking of you today 2015

i was thinking of you today 2015



i was thinking of you today and missing the smile you held for me to see


the way you always held me when i cried was worth its wieght in gold to me


i was thinking of you today and thinking of all those times you gave me courage


you've told me of those days gone by and those memories of a timeless age


i was thinking of you today and my mind went back to when you went away


god took you from my life too soon and i begged for him to let you stay


i was thinking of you today and thought of all the sacrafices that you've made


one for your country and one for the lord and one for us that would never fade


i was thinking of you today and remembered the endless love you gave


and i wish i could hold you once again the love you gave us is what i crave


i was thinking of you today and know in heaven you'll never go away


lately im missing you so much that it had me thinking of you today




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was being nostalgic and missing my parents this ones for them



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Your egotistic delusions of self waste

I am the shadow, fading into silence


I am the words you shoved in a box


I am blood, sex & violence

behind the symbol of peace


I am light enraptured unto the void

from a thousand years of cosmic darkness

chasing the souls of stars


I am the mirror you wish to avoid

with the tears that coiled down the drain

& the years wasted on nothing--

but what you thought was yourself...

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"Think about it"

Just a thought!

Today, a man said he lost all passion.

I said," get a dog, buy a beer, and build baskets.

He inquired as to the purpose...

I said, well...

You can roll over and play dead,

Cry in your beer and

Consider yourself a basket case'


Teach an old dog new tricks,

Play basketball and

Throw yourself a beer party'...

You just have to rearrange your thinking'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought after reading sad stories'...Think positive!

Funny lil Things


Life may give you lemons but why not throw them back...

Sometimes lemonade can't heal a wound but can help...

Sometimes just be quiet and think about it for awhile...

Things change after awhile after you think...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just remember being quiet is not always a bas thing. This helped most people think about things they did. Bad things don't seem as bad if you stay quiet. Good things are amazing to think about for awhile. All that you should know is that quietness can be the best.

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My 30's 2014+

The light of the moon shines through my window,

But it doesn't light me up like other nights.

I try to close my eyes but it won't let me sleep,

It reminds my mind that my thoughts do not leave.

I wait for the time when my mind skips a beat,

I wait for that second I can fall asleep.


I used to fight it and give all my energy to it,

I used to deny the power it had over me.

The pain only worsened, the thoughts only grew,

Until one day I realized I can't fight with the moon.

Some nights we dance and we laugh and we cry,

Some nights it's like a dream that I wish would come soon.


Tonight is a night where sleep will not come,

Where I have accepted that the moon has won.

The pain rushes from my head to my heart,

Like a knife, piercing through my spine.


The moon is not evil, it means no harm.

It does not hate me.

It lights up the dark.

But tonight I do not sleep,

Because of the moonlight through my window.

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What if I told you...

What if I told you that this life you live isn't reality

It's only created because you have a strong mentality

It's not safe to try to wake up through an attempted brutality

But even through that, how could you ever know what is actuality?

What if I told you that everyone you see is only a projection

The desire to be real in a balanced world is such a strong connection

These images are changed by you pointing out their imperfections

And to this thought, all you can feel is objection.

What if I told you that all of your memories are self made

Much like the meals you think you've had, they're only homemade

You have never really been to a dance, never attended a masquerade

You never even had loved ones in the past, they were mentally portrayed.

What if I told you that there is no one you can truly believe

That finding the truth is the one thing you need to achieve

But the ability to root it out is what you will never receive

And even when you think you have a grasp, you have only misperceived.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Put together this poem relatively quickly. It is different than what I usually write, just looking for any feedback. Thanks to anyone who replies, and even those who just take the time to read it!

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You're still lost within the time
The ultimate crime
That you couldn't really hurt
but now you're gone and just inert

You try to find meaning in the days
That it wasn't just a phase
That you could just lay in the sun
and never say you jumped the gun

and you lie wide awake at night
Hard at thought, ready to write
You wrote on a piece of paper "I think this time, I'll be okay"
But you don't really know, your thoughts never stay

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