The memories from with-in!

 The memories from with-in         

somedays the memories surface and i cant get them out of my head
and when i lay down at night to sleep its the morning that i dread
because when i wake up in the morning i think that i can not win
those memories i hold inside  me are my memories from with-in
one day is good the other is not and it sometimes gets me down
sometimes it feels like a losing battle and it feels like i will drown
but i think of where i was back then and i break out in a grin
i think of all the blessings ive had from the memories from with-in
like the day my kids were born will live on in me never to depart
but sometimes those nasty memories surface and are tearing me apart
when that occur's think of all the good things there has ever been
only then will you have peace of mind with the memories from with-in



Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one i think because i needed to hear it hope you all like it


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Deep Dimensions

We follow uncertain concatenation
on endless encounters through
life's joyful joylessness entwined;
because we are hugely hopeful
humankind uplifted within earth's
deep dimensions darkened.  


Benumbing brilliance lights our
wasteful way through furious
fading fields on promised green
pastures and restorative roots; 
for we are on these unbound
earthly encounters through
deleterious deep dimensions.  


Through bleeding blood, we thrive
on senseless sensibilities seeking
to keep painful painlessness pure
as life's joyful joylessness jitters
us into crass circles on bloody
bloodlessness because humankind
drained us in deep dimensions. 


[c] Ugonna Wachuku: 3 April 2022: Mexico: Earth.

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Once again in the world we see in use this familiar recipe for war

It aways begins with two countries but you’ll certainly be adding more.


The leaders of one country have two goals…to take another country’s freedom and to expand…The other country and her people want to keep their freedom and hold on to their land.


This recipe is guaranteed to cause countless deaths and endless pain..

We start by amassing an army with guns…then add some tanks and boats and planes…


From the guns bullets fly…from the tanks missiles are launched…and from the planes bombs will fall…creating a path of death and destruction…not for one…but for all.


We’ll need blood…lots of it…knowing so much of it will be spilled…as men…and women…and their babies…entire families are killed.


We’ll have to add more people and then more people and more people still…

until there’s no one left to add…until there’s no one left to kill.


Leaving us with only sorrow and tears where happiness dwelled before…because without sadness and sorrow and tears…you cannot make a war.


When the recipe is completed…when the last ingredient has been eliminated…is there any sane person in the world who enjoys the taste of what that recipe created?


And we think since it tasted so awful…perhaps we’ve had our fill of war…until the next time we look up and see two countries…maybe more.


Who have forgotten how bad war tasted…or worse ignore it…and then…begin to gather the ingredients to try that recipe again!


While the rest of the world who dream for the day when all wars will cease…

are desperately trying to develop…a recipe for peace.

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No Need To Row The Boat

Economy of Action


We don't need to row our boats.. just let them carry us gently downstream

to the sea of peace

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Praying For Love ( The Linked Style )






( Linked )





Praying for Love
Love in this World
World Lord can change
Change with His Love
Love Lord can bring
Bring in all hearts
Hearts be Transformed
Transformed with Love
Love, Peace, not Hate
Hate, evil, wrong
Wrong, sad, destroys
Destroys lives, souls
Souls, breaks hearts, men
Men need Praying
Praying for Love.






Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000






“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-



~Author's Notes:
The 'Linked' is a poetry form or style created in 2008, by Erich J. Goller. (Vienna )





~ Best From Heart ~ ( The Blitz style )






~ Best  From  Heart  ~
( The Blitz  Poem )






Just spreading Love Hope Joy Peace
 Just hoping for the best
 Best to happen
 Best everyday
 Everyday night and day
 Everyday all the time
 Time and time again
 Time all around
 Around comes and goes
 Around up and down
 Down play it all time
 Down there you go
 Go and don't waste time
 Go and don't look back
 Back you're again
 Back you've come
 Come and show me how
 Come and lets talk
 Talk once more
 Talk and make it right
 Right about us
 Right as it should be
 Be all between us
 Be once and for all
 All that is what I want
 All that is what I need
 Need that n' more
 Need is all this
 This can't be bad
 This sounds so good
 Good is to do it
 Good is to see
 See it all clear
 See you at last now
 Now at last
 Now I can see you
 You make me glad
 You make me wait
 Wait a long time
 Wait n' much more
 More I love you
 More of your love I want
 Want you night and day
 Want you I shout
 Shout your dear name
 Shout it with all my heart
 Heart and mind
 Heart and soul







Dorian  Petersen  Potter
aka ladydp2000




“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-


~Author's Notes:

The ' Blitz Poem ' is a poetry form or style created by Robert Keim.




Methodic Madness

Enslaving chains and wilderness pains 

are broken on healing heavenly domain 

plus graceful throne, envisioned. 


Method upholds this marauding madness 

aflicting us on earthly journeys through 

wounded wilderness, deadly disdain 

and frighful famine; distressing 

humankind and nature. 


Twisted minds and wicked souls  

torment humankind on this earthly  

journey through birth, life and death. 

Yet, we came with nothing; and with 

nothing, we depart to earth's dust.  


Hideous hypocrisy darkens love to 

hide this greatest reality from heaven's 

green pastures, meadows and 

river bed, unchained.  


We follow this river path to oceans 

lighted by divine mercy and unending 

salvation; healing broken hearts and 

bleeding, lost souls. 



When our world seems so chaotic…filled with man’s inhumanity to man

We search for peace and happiness…anywhere we can


On my walk this morning as I was wondering what fortunes today would bring

somewhere in the darkness a bird began to sing


I wasn’t in a hurry so I stopped to listen for a while

and when I looked up at the crescent moon…I swear I saw her smile.


As I walked a little farther another bird sang out to me

This one was accompanied by a cricket harmony.


Still farther on my walk what was I to meet

but a moth, I think a promethean, standing in the street.


If I told you I was a lepidopterist certainly I’d be lying

But it looked to my non-scientific eyes like this little moth was dying.


“This is no place for you to be little moth.” I said, “No place for you to linger.”

So I put my hand down and this little moth climbed upon my finger.


I gently set her on a flower where she had a clear view of the sky

“This is a beautiful place to live I whispered…and not a bad place to die”.


As I continued on I talked to a rabbit…I saw three squirrel acrobats?

And even though I said hello….I was ignored by two tom cats.


The cats just stared as I walked by…their feelings they never telegraphed

and when I looked up at the crescent moon again…this time…I swear she laughed.


Who knew in a world that seems so chaotic….

all I need to is to step out my front door


Listen to the birds

Say goodbye to a moth

watch some animals

be ignored by two cats 

and laughed at by the moon


to find the peace I was looking for.

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With-in my heart

  with-in My Heart!

in my heart there lies a thorn way deep down to which no one can see
it torments me all thru the day and i know in my heart it wont set me free
Im living with pain day after day and it settled in and dont wanna depart
so all i can say to you my friend is theres not much left with-in my heart
all around me i see smiling faces never a worry and with out any fears
as i look in the mirror all i can see is the age old pain of my unshed tears
i think to myself what will i do and how will i cope if it never wants to part
all i want is my wish fulfilled and long lasting peace with-in my heart
others say these things will come my way and break thru my dark gray night
and a bright new dawn will push on thru and end my pain and hear my plight
but that day never comes and rescues me so here i am waiting for life to restart
so now i wait for that day to come and take the pain away thats with-in my heart


                                                zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes life throws bad days our way, its how we chose to look at them and deal with them, hope you like this one!!!

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