Nois Sesbo

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the event it's not obvious- the title is a play on the word, "obsession." 

Wanton Longing

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Down a hole and covered in snow

Children's Prose:
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A childhood memory., Steven made such an heroic type and a life saver at that. We spent an whole afternoon in his garden one sunny day. I helped him lay traps to catch birds; as soon as he found one bird in  his trap he would write down the details and then although with great reluctance he let them go. The traps he used were very humane as well,a small cardbox box with some strands on string attached to it; and of courselots of bread and seeds. The birds came flocking down and with a signal from Steven I pulled one of the strings and the cardbox fell over an entrapped a blackbird.

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The Worst of A Savage

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Deep End

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