Nois Sesbo


The cup was half empty
before we were born
The taste mirrored sour fruit
I collected drops of uncertainty to fill it up
And yet full it never did run
I found you in a sea of faceless books
Drops of laughter filled page after page
of self-loathing
The drug you chose was the remedy
I was deprived
Deep, deep down parts of me
My darkness, dank and distorted
reached for your elusive light
My madness is infectious
you never stood a chance
We tiptoed silently, searching
for a way around the Burden Tree

A path never travelled would have

been better suited

But now I watch and I wait

you moved on with grace

The staccato rhythm of my thoughts

echo across empty walls

I wish I could split in two

But I was a plague and you were a Pachelbel fugue


rhyme with no reason

the devil's interval

a space with no shape

...love in an augmented form


the cup was full

the fruit was sweet

And as always...

My madness stained the blue to red

I only know how to create destruction in my Path

I thank the darkness for the distance

and only hope that you find happiness



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the event it's not obvious- the title is a play on the word, "obsession." 

Wanton Longing

Your hugs heal my breaking heart

Only temporarily, for once I see you hug another

It once again tears apart


I question my warm feelings…

We’re only friends, yet you fascinate me

To the point that I wonder if that’s all we really are.


I cherish our laughter, our quirky remarks

But do you lavish the intrepid beauty of others instead?

Am I nothing, if not the awkward girl you laugh with, when they’re gone…?


But then, am I more special than they?

More than a face, two breasts, and hips?

More than a quick pleasure in-between your sheets?


Or is that all you truly cherish…?


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Pretty sky

Full of lights


What delights

Live out there...


Stuck down here

In my bubble

Best I got

Is the Hubble



Magic here

Magic there

Pondering why and where

Did it start...


Did it begin

Does it end

Who knows

Where or when

Life goes to...


We are all

Made from stars

Even dust

Even Mars

Natures way...


Science shows

Magic too

Even logic

Falters through



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Down a hole and covered in snow

Children's Prose:

When I was growing up I remember a particularly serveres Winter; there was snow every where and all over the place too. I was walking along after school to find my way home;the snow having turned everything white. As I chatted to my friend a much older boy by the name of Steven Davies: when all of a sudden the ground gave way beneath my feet and I fell into one  of the empty undulations, created by workmen when they were building the estate.


This undulation I had fallen into was so steep that even standing and trying to pull myself up by creating small cut out hand and feet holds. It was a good idea, but daring ideas do work. Eventually Steven told me to reach up as far as I could; he too could not reach at first. So Steven manages to get hold of my hand and pulls me free of the enveloping snow and the depth of the undulation, which had extremly high walls.


I was so gratefull of Steven's help; without his help I am sure I would have died and quite undetected until the Spring thaw, what a grisly sight I would make. Thank goodness it was only my imagination working overtime. Steven was being really galant I thanked him and gave him a kiss, I was also shivering from snow and cold weather but so gratefull to be alive. But my rescue by Steven made me feel warm and his compay home did a lot to lift my spirits too. I thought Steven was a realy nice bloke.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A childhood memory., Steven made such an heroic type and a life saver at that. We spent an whole afternoon in his garden one sunny day. I helped him lay traps to catch birds; as soon as he found one bird in  his trap he would write down the details and then although with great reluctance he let them go. The traps he used were very humane as well,a small cardbox box with some strands on string attached to it; and of courselots of bread and seeds. The birds came flocking down and with a signal from Steven I pulled one of the strings and the cardbox fell over an entrapped a blackbird.

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The Worst of A Savage

I feel like I'm getting cut off the chord

Another guy's cheating on his girlfriend while he's bored

Lies to his good friend and runs off again anew

Leaves his friend to the wolves and what is true


To lie and kiss when you belonged to another
To take away a poor soul's virginity and have a 10th lover

All of this and more at once

Consecutively deceiving and ongoing months


I wonder just what is your problem?

To steal so many hearts and trap a robin

And feed the sickness to the sea of insanity

Starting another storm and change the skies to calamity


To taint another's love

and slit the throat of a peaceful dove

You set a storm in the deepest of hearts

and set wounds inside the most delicate parts

When will you ever seem to care or learn

Until the harsh fire inside of you ceases to burn


To turn yet another to stone

and eat the flesh and leave bare bone

Laying in the shadows waiting for the next poor soul to ravage

Clearly you fit the name, the worst of a savage




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Deep End

Imagine breathing in,

What if you left all the swears behind?

What happens in the end?

What matters are the sins that casted by,

Life seems,

Like nothing in those dreams.

All we'll ever be,

Are nomads in this scene.


Lasted through the doubt.

Finally room for our faith here.

I've been hallow since,

But I will never choke.

I won't choke.


Pain felt through the those sheets.

All the dreams,

Are felt between. Us.

Life can only mean,

Hardly anything.

If our hallutions are only delusions.

We should leave this illusion.

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If I Am to Lose These Eyes

If  I am to lose these eyes

Strip me then now of these lies


Take me to this darkness wonder

In harmony of the black of slumber

Forever to stay shut, anchored in a sea under

and yet though, I do not believe in such thunder


You can take me away from one thing

But I will find a way to still chirp and sing

You can take my legs and swallow love's promised ring

But I'll still find a way to flap a broken wing


And if I am to die..?

I can walk away, with open eyes.

Candlelit Green

Deep beneath the oily earth gates,

Far away from the icy laps of cold breeze,

Miles apart from the whispering pecks of moving lips,

A grotto fit only for a fish exists in the water.

An ancient citadel of a place, hidden in cool green,

With mossy brick pillars and statues dormant and still,

In small shallows of breathable space, 

Weeds slime and water trickles like pretty music, 

Fresh and clear exists the secret world,

Undiscovered by all but us,

A palace of purity, a castle of crystallized clarity,

We light a candle in the rippling pool,

Hold it up to the dappling rays of seeping sun, 

And pray for more grottoes and glens, 

In which to imagine our perfect world.

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Her Perspective

I found a girl, and saw her perspective
Silent, yet surprisingly reflective
They claimed she was away, entirely defective

But I knew otherwise just from the look in her eyes
I saw through the silent, and closed off disguise

And from there, I saw the immediate connection
Completely dissected, but still searches for true affection


Her warm, yet crooked emotion
A calmed, yet broken devotion


Silent, but struggling for her sound
and yet, still not a face found


Her skin torn, gone and rotten.
Her mouth stolen, words lost, ignored and forgotten.


She was exposed to all of the morbid things
Corrupted lies, and uneven broken wings


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew


And she left sudden, without a word,
Her existence she seen was too blurred


Before I could realize, she was gone and done
Did you ever wonder what life can become?


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew..