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allets posted a new Poem titled In Simple Terms 39 min ago
. Clear as skin in a movie, unembellished glorious terms, rapidly embraced by listeners, elemental as an adage or a  saying. A simple t...
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Dalton posted a new Poem titled Juliet Drank Not 39 min ago
  Dedications Elizabeth and Sidon Waters Shantih they're imaginary lexicon wishie Far hedge which they very lightly still wo Respect pr...
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bigboss13 posted a new Prose titled Bet Filter Review 1 hour ago
Discover How To Make £126,289 In Tax Free Profits Using This Revolutionary Horse Racing Betting Software! If you’re reading this, it’s b...
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mil57man posted a new Poem titled YOUR OTHER HALF 2 hours ago
It's okay to be single, you get to go out and mingle, can even make your own jingles until the day you start to feel a constant tingle....
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Smartbets24 posted a new Poem titled Bet Filter Horse Racing Strategy 2 hours ago
Bet Filter betting service REVIEW Tipping Algorithm with £10,000+ per Month from Horse Racing incomeJared used to make £126,289 last year fr...
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KingofWords posted a new Poem titled For You Alone [English Song] 8 hours ago
For you alone, From dusk to dawn, I will be waiting, O my dear darling!   Mine you are, Yours I am, Don’t think ever, Of leav...
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jasonroy09 posted a new Poem titled Things to look for when renting an apartment 8 hours ago
Unfortunately, not every person owns a house and therefore there are many people who live in rented places as they don’t have any other opt...
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