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blackGOD posted a new Poem titled Scam 1 hour ago
  I feel so good about my music came downstairs and so shocked  that it breaks me the first time the sounds so good almost dead un...
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joy posted a new Poem titled I HAD A DREAM 1 hour ago
I had a dream last night… I know dreams aren’t always as they appear… this one had me teaching……and I’ve been retired for 6 years.   Fo...
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deepblue posted a new Prose titled Truth In Hue 1 hour ago
Sometimes the colors in our lives are variable Right above our heads wisdom is ever-present   What to do?   Revel in silence for s...
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allets posted a new Prose titled About Poetry As A Need 3 hours ago
. Poetry is our work requiring study over years and acquisition of a discipline requiring diligence, patience, and massive amounts of input...
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afdahmovies posted a new Poem titled Top 5 Animated Nominees movies for Oscar 2019 3 hours ago
List of top 5 animated nominees movies for Oscar 2019:   1. Incredibles2: This movie have a fantastic image and plot, but, as always, w...
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Beavis posted a new Poem titled It’s Like a Jalapeño Shit 3 hours ago
My words  don't spring forth  with the ease.  I can't write  about every damn thing  I see or  that happens to...
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katekinglegal posted a new Poem titled How an expert of criminal law can alter a verdict 6 hours ago
Lots of individuals look through defence lawyers’ Perth reviews in an attempt to find one that can change their verdict. Being given a guilt...
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