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mil57man posted a new Poem titled HELLO 37 min ago
Hello such a small but powerful word, it's greatly preferred, putting smiles on faces and gets the spirit stirred.   But in our hectic...
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Stephen posted a new Poem titled WHERE DARK DANGERS LURK 2 hours ago
Dark dangers lurk there deep inside like a jungle A murky paradise where light sometimes seeps Where sad memories of death prowl searching,...
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SSmoothie posted a new Poem titled a small universe for consideration 4 hours ago
she stood atop the high cliff Scanning the oceans depths to the horizon Soft amber glows lit her strong fine features She had that far away...
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joy posted a new Poem titled A MOTHER'S SECRET 5 hours ago
On the day she was born her mother held her in her arms her happiness cascading down in tears. She kissed her forehead, held her tiny hand i...
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PiscesPieces posted a new Poem titled Insomnia 6 hours ago
Too hotWhat IS that noiseDog butt in my faceOreo theme song on repeatCrap I forgot to put the clothes in the dryerWhy can't people just be k...
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patriciajj posted a new Poem titled The Sound of Creation 7 hours ago
In the new moonI heard the otherside of silence:   Nothingness risingto the summit of allthere is.   It was born in thisfurnace of...
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handyroy posted a new Poem titled MUST VISIT PLACES IN GLASGOW 8 hours ago
Glasgow has visited a great transformation from industrial city to a cultural hub of Scotland. Located on river Clyde, Glasgow is one of the...
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