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fuche_bu posted a new Poem titled A THOUSAND WORDS 17 min ago
  They always say a thousand words  can portray a single picture   but the more I hear you speak   the more out of focus...
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asaihati posted a new Poem titled مــاذا اقــول 58 min ago
      مــاذا اقــول اذا جـــائــت تعـللـــنــي  فــاض الفـؤاد سـواقي من شــراييني مــاذا اقــول اذا جـــائــت تـقــبـلـن...
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Tsenumaic posted a new Poem titled Inside Me 2 hours ago
The wind doesn't tear at me My family doesn't either God isn't looking down Isn't prodding me with his fingertips The future has no part in...
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Hopefulwoman posted a new Poem titled In the country 2 hours ago
When you drive in the dirt Passers by always wave But once you hit the pavement The act of kindness doesn't stay
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girljustventing posted a new Poem titled Clueless minds 4 hours ago
On and off again relationships,  publicised by all the statuses. Photos morphed, changed or corrected. Nothing’s real any more, if it i...
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candidglances posted a new Poem titled My Loneliness 6 hours ago
And I, in my own loneliness cast along these shadows That seep within my desperate soul I cherish it not, the barren wastes Left behind in i...
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allets posted a new Poem titled Florence, The Hurricane 8 hours ago
In 2018 she marched across North Carolina and surrounding states slowly, bringing rain and sea water. . It happens and Michigan gets the spi...
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