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j.d.wade posted a new Prose titled Revenge 2 hours ago
When your heart seizes in fear When you cast your eyes about When you're hope is gone and found nowhere When your time has all run out And y...
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asaihati posted a new Poem titled يا ايـــها الشــــــــــوق 6 hours ago
    يا ايـــها الشــــــــــوق الذي جرعتنيطعم السعاده في وصال متبسموسقيت قلبي من شعور فرويتنيعذب المعين من ثغر عشق ملهمعطشي تبدد و...
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THWYALG posted a new Poem titled The Addict of Malcontent 6 hours ago
And now what has dried up is the sickness of vitality Which was muddled in the beauties of discontent. The careful amalgamation of self-hatr...
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled Human Chauvinism 8 hours ago
* Human chauvinists refer to animals not as he or she but it. They call food given to animals feed. They call castrated steers 'head' of cat...
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allets posted a new Prose titled Marijuana Is Addictive 8 hours ago
. White matter in the brain is the center of communication and marijuana damages that part of the brain under daily  usage (addiction)....
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joy posted a new Poem titled I WILL WAIT 11 hours ago
Their friends and family were seated when his bride called to say she was running late. “However long it takes,” he said,“don’t worry…I will...
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Dimitriand posted a new Poem titled John wrote to ptotestants 14 hours ago
Green and yelow of forest, If you don't lost, In this freedom, Culture of west, Protestant's show, Colors of human rainbow, When they slay n...
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