Break Me Down

New Lyrics
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Very old one that never felt finished until recently.  Hope it's not too sappy. Written on 6/24/03, updated 7/21/23.

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buh-bye na (in Tagalog/Filipino language)

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Reedited 12.14.2023:  Added parentheses on title.


Dedicated to someone whom I liked recently and which was written in an informal Tagalog/Filipino/Taglish format.  Thank you for reading on.


Reedited on: 08.11.2023 (I have simply changed the "din" to "rin" to adhere to proper Tagalog grammar rules.)

Unfinished Masterpiece

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I'm not sure if this is done yet ...... 

taglamig (in Tagalog language)

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Reedited 12.06.2022 [22:25];11.23.2022 [09:09]; 11.22.2022 [20:38]



1.  Prior changes have been made to this poem at an earlier time (but not enumerated them all at this moment).

2.  Changed the word "mukha" to "wangis" instead (just to avoid redundancy or the word being doubled in my verses).

3.  (11.23.2022)  Omitted a comma (placed formerly in following line: "o, baka.." (unedited version)

4. (12.06.2022) the line "parang itong asul sa taas," was changed to the grammatical "para itong asul sa taas,"








Over You

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This is the first song in book 2 (kindle direct publishing) that I self published on amazon kdp service about finding true love in a cruel world/society that degrades relationships to just having a good time.