Shadow Secrets


In the midnight run shadows show face in the dark

thoughts that cloud shadows' mind-


They become animals roaming the dark streets of 

decadence, perversion; ungodly sins...


In between shadows lurk the spirits of evil men

and unholy women, selling their souls for tricks

and cheap fixes-


You here the screams of the raped, beaten in the

streets; shadows mind their own business; every

night blood spills upon shadows feet-


Shadows mingle and dance in the dark gardens of

cemeteries, singing songs of malice with the wicked

minds that join them-


Discreetly blending with shadows on the walls....

murmuring, whisperng in tongues; laughing at the

victims the night has claimed-


As the rise of dusk nears all the shadows come out

of the dark walls and halls; if you focus your sight at

the darkness that surrounds, you will see a glimpse

of a shadow's metamorph to a human being walking

into the light as if they belong-


Fooling other's; fooling themselves....Animals!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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All For A Friend

Yestderday's News

Guard your sanity,
do not weaken to pleas.

Abuser is on the prowl,
he sees into the soul.

Looking for peepholes,
to confuse and manipulate.

Everything planned so well,
tricks of the trade.

Hoping to instill fear,
the cruelty radiates.

Up this man one in brains,
play his meaningless game.

Deck the cards, cut them,
roll the dice of life.

Make him wonder what step is next,
confuse and bewilder his pants right off.

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