First Day

First Day

Your tiny steps
Walked into the learning house.
Too many little hearts  you
whirling all around ,
These innocent days
Worth more than a heavenly stay.

Laugh and cry as you feel.
Let these alphabet
Raise you high.
Budding flowers
Blooms  all around,
Fragrance of your smile
Shine the kindergarden too.

So much  you have to explore
In this sailing boat,
Stronger the basics
you could compete with the
Presents of life,
to bore,to  bear and to come
Victoriously  and gloriously.

All your learning
Reveal you the secrets,
Whether to count 
the chickens before they hatch or
Count the chicken after they hatch.

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Infectious achieving

Where there is time and silence there is thought.

Meditating upon the best grooves I've experienced.

My life has been a long road of love and dispares.

Situations all too enjoyable at peak comfort.

Situations to distressed to enjoy remembering.

To every mind there is a common urge to ascend.

The time happening is a reflection of emotion.

I want a very wholesome and complete future.

My mind is boggled on infinitely for a good idea.


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every day that passes


she’s a little taller

a little wilder

she hears stop and just keeps walking

she hears go and takes off running

she does not

take your bullshit

she is not the host

of other people’s dreams


but she writes them like

they are destinations

she has decided

living is worth more than what could happen

she does not dance like

no one is watching

she dances like

you are watching

and she wants you to fall

just a little bit in love with her

every day that passes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/4/21

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Lose-Lose (January day 2)

I have the

diamonds sitting in

my lap and I

still will not stop looking for

the coal / when I sleep it

is his skin seeping

into the abyss/ when

you leave it is you in

my head but not on my

fingertips that slip

down down down / the open

door has you glancing and

I can feel myself

writing us out of

your story / there is

something out there I

am not ready to face

without fighting a lose-

lose situation / but this

one is not a question

of uncompromise it is

just me / me standing

hopes-deep in the

sand losing everything so

can you tell / can you

tell me which hinges

to push and pull so

I can have you

back again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/2/21

Open door

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The Bones and the Cards




The bones landed on the cards. The Fool.

The Sun.

The Chariot to bring them around

in front of me

so my heartbeat would even out

and my hands would stop rivaling

the dry leaves clinging to the sleepy oaks

at the edge of my yard.

They stand against the November wind

sweeping in to usher out October.


          Here’s the thing about fortunes:

their fraying corners are soft against your fingers.  

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To My Own End

I remember the time,
When the world was much simpler,
As little kids we had it all setup for us,
Now see see the world in its true face now,
How it all changed with a few years going by,
I wish I still had the chances I had 5 years ago,
But now I take the chances today give,
Hoping I make the right call,
That I don't regret in 5 year,
Choices I can sit my kids down too,
Say this is what I've done,
Worring will I get disowned by my son,
Or hear Dad, that's so cool,
I want to be just like you,
But life is so fast how can I keep up,
It feels like I'm drowning someone,
I need help someone save me,
By the time I know my fate,
I will already know,
If I made it or if I'm a failure,
Did I let the river run,
Or did I take control,
And stear my own destiny,
To my own goals,
To my own end,

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Heartbreak On My Hands


The day I smelled the gasoline forty feet up

I said

I don’t want to miss you like them

I don’t want to be the one

to push you to the wall

Sometimes all you need is a chance

and I speak a different language.


When you’re around

you know my stride is full of you

Maybe if I take half a step

we could change,

we’ll be afraid

of getting to where our hearts storm the drains.


I said

I don’t want to miss you like them

but if that’s what it takes

to live something worth seeing

to write something worth reading

to say something worth telling…

I will gladly take

the heartbreak on my hands.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/4/17

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You say that you’re scared of the unknown

Nobody can say what the future will hold

It’s terrifying going in blind

But I want you to know that you’re not alone.


I’ll be by your side

For as long as you’ll let me

And I’ll help clear the path

That you’re going to follow.


I’ll hold your hand

As we explore together

And when you’re ready

I’ll let someone else take the lead.


Nobody knows what will happen

Or who we will become

But I wouldn’t want to go through

The unknown with anyone else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/21/17

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Solitary night

Solitary night
tears of dissatisfaction
choking on memories
a torrent as the dark presses in
Searching, seeking
the long-awaited slumber
of each miserable, useless regret of yesterday
Yet, afraid to face the uncertainty of tomorrow