The Seed

in what dark recesses of torture remain

exists a dreaded seed for us to obtain

to keep us sane and deliver us from evil

so goes the creed of an everlasting people


unending doubt resonates to be

impermanance rooted in an everlasting dream

scarcity of hope glimmering in dusk

prevention of fortune in a world of luck


forever told from stories past

eerily reminiscent of perpetual task

systems of new destroyed wisdom once known

for all apart of a world unsown


grimmace and malice plagued once more

in dire times that conjured vile scorn

but it was hope that was given once last chance

now grows a tree from the seed of our past


Sheltering a full covering; starlights
Are on, the rocks are bright
Beauties. The night, a king
Him darker still a-crowding
All on those hours, late.
Shadow's heavy weight
Lulls us deep to dream,
Hell or heavenly streams
Upon them, we sleep
Quietly as they seep
Between the open hands,
Of Glass, the sand,
Between the cross-ways,
We walk always.

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The Glass

Slip it in on now, the sand soft flow
Untouched that white pure and original
Of earth's time taken from the past all
Has changed the days lap and more the years
That keep a secret as the heart clears,
The place of love for it as years go.
But memory, always has the gone, stored
And pall holds it dead, and silence , shut!
But let go now , the past, let me ride
The wind! the wind always pour the sand:
That outflow, narrowly, slipping in there
The dustless has you counted, therein,
Each small dirt knows where way the whole life went
And now, from here to there, how revolving life will be.

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Emotional Ocean


There in front of me


With no way around

It hits me

Waves of pain and devotion

It's an emotional ocean.


There's a sanctuary outside of my mind

But my mind had me confined

Inside of this rhyme

Running out of time

To find

This peace that I must've left behind.

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I remember

too much

not enough

of when you weren’t here.


When I was

running on sand

not knowing the grass.


All the crowds

followed me

I was still alone

I couldn’t paint their faces

without a stencil.


When I was

sitting in silence

not knowing this sound.



when you broke the sky.


When I was

trying to say the right words

step on the right cracks

to make you mine.


Then I stayed

behind that door

for hours

just to be near you

and despite all the parts of me

that said don’t

I pulled the words

out of my mouth



Now you’re

on my hand

on my shoulder

in the crowd


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/17/18

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Cry In My Sleep


 I Lost My Ability To Cry
I'm Hurting So Much
I Feel Hurt
I Feel Pain
I Want To Cry
But Theres Not Tears
Theres No Emotions
Hold Me Please

Because I Can't Feel My Arms
I Can't Feel My Legs Anymore
I Feel Like Crying
But I'm Dying In My Sleep
Waking Up With Dried Up Eyes
I Don't Remember Crying
I Don't Remember Sleeping
Chill Runs Through On My Skin

Crying Out In Pain
I Wish I Could Cry
For My Body Can't Take It Anymore
Is This What It Feels Like
Why Must I Feel So Cold
Why Must I Feel So Emotionless
Pieces Of My Heart
Tears In Pieces

I Wish Again
I Could Cry
Just Once More
If I Could Hold You
If I Could Hug You
And Tell You One More Thing
I Just Want To Cry
I Want To Cry On Your Shoulder



Mists of Time

Light and Dark

“I had a child just like you”

She said to me that day

Waiting in the hospital

On my knees to pray

She didn't know who I was

Her mind just couldn't see

That I knew who she talked about

The child was truly me.


We'd had this converse once before

And many before that

The degradation of her mind

Was obvious, as she sat

And prattled on about her son

How happy he will be

With her family when she comes home

And I had to agree


She never found her memories

Or recognized my face

After everything she went through

She's in a better place

Where memories last forever

And can't be lost to time

Where human bodies don't break down

Always in their prime


Many years have come and gone

I can't recall them all

It's not like I haven't tried

But the thoughts just have a pall

I try to stare back to the past

Peer directly through the grime

Just like a fog covered my eyes

It's hard to see through mists of time

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Saving My Tears


Your smile flickers.

I do not cry.

Some might call this an accomplishment,

I call it saving my tears.


All our friends want us to fall in love

but we’re too busy burning the firewood

to ever think about sealing our lips,

don’t give us a hint.


We are stuck the way we are.


I am not clever

I will read into every phone call you make

so when wait is the common word

I still need to stay here.


No matter how many layers between us

you walk into a room and I can feel you reading me

and how quickly our skies collide leaves me a broken sidewalk

Every night I save my tears.


I am hanging here even when I shouldn’t,

not sleeping because I want the darkness to be your skin when it swallows me.


Sometimes I stop walking because I think about

how pushing everything forward can’t keep the avalanche from rolling

can’t keep me from wishing I had something to feel sorry about when the saltwater rolls.


Time is all we have and the world is devouring it out of my hands.


I save my tears

for tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I save my tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/2/18

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Be seven minutes, five or three;

in frozen zone time stops it's spin.

It's you and me...just you and me...

melting epochs in carnal kiln.


I'm here to scorch your sodden woods,

but soon to douse your every leaf

and bloom with gushing rapturous fluids,

till tremble you on crazy cliff.


Don't think all this a looney spiel

of one amnestic bard with crushed

psyche under the clocking wheel

or whooshing sounds of carnal rush!


You know, behind these stirring woos,

there's calmly love, as comely ruse!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a sonnet in iambic tetrameter. 

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