Saving My Tears


Your smile flickers.

I do not cry.

Some might call this an accomplishment,

I call it saving my tears.


All our friends want us to fall in love

but we’re too busy burning the firewood

to ever think about sealing our lips,

don’t give us a hint.


We are stuck the way we are.


I am not clever

I will read into every phone call you make

so when wait is the common word

I still need to stay here.


No matter how many layers between us

you walk into a room and I can feel you reading me

and how quickly our skies collide leaves me a broken sidewalk

Every night I save my tears.


I am hanging here even when I shouldn’t,

not sleeping because I want the darkness to be your skin when it swallows me.


Sometimes I stop walking because I think about

how pushing everything forward can’t keep the avalanche from rolling

can’t keep me from wishing I had something to feel sorry about when the saltwater rolls.


Time is all we have and the world is devouring it out of my hands.


I save my tears

for tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I save my tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/2/18

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Be seven minutes, five or three;

in frozen zone time stops it's spin.

It's you and me...just you and me...

melting epochs in carnal kiln.


I'm here to scorch your sodden woods,

but soon to douse your every leaf

and bloom with gushing rapturous fluids,

till tremble you on crazy cliff.


Don't think all this a looney spiel

of one amnestic bard with crushed

psyche under the clocking wheel

or whooshing sounds of carnal rush!


You know, behind these stirring woos,

there's calmly love, as comely ruse!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a sonnet in iambic tetrameter. 

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60 Seconds Part 1

Band Lyrics
Verse 1: 60 seconds is all I have/to see this through/60 seconds is a story/that is enough with you and me/Don’t you let me go
Chorus: Even if you’re hurting/know that I’ve got your back/60 seconds is all I have for our story/Help me carry on/Lead me out of darkness
Verse 2: Out into the light/I walk towards/the hesitant you/your memories of me/have become cold/I can see it in your eyes/that I am not the one for your anymore
Bridge: Give me 60 seconds of your time/It is all I need to write this story/In it, are our hot and cold moments/Both of which, you gave me
Last-Chorus: Our last goodbye was bittersweet/It tasted like the tobacco on your lips/’Cause you got me falling for you/Over and Over again/Give me 60 seconds/to write a new ending
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song response to Kim Sung Gyu's song: "60 Seconds" (A Korean pop song with rock elements). Look up the English subtitles on YouTube.


Band Lyrics
Verse 1:
With your heartbeat
Aligned with mine’s
Nothing can stop us now
I can feel your heartbeat
whenever we are together
I thought it over
I ask myself:
”Why Did I fall in love with you?”
Your heartbeat beats with mine’s
Hearts entwined, fate’s play
Let us hold onto this memory forever
Verse 2:
This is more than a dream
it’s a dream come true:
the day we met
was a hit and run
I could be in love
and I just don’t know
But you got me singing
these songs of love for you
This is my wonderland
A place where you and I can hide
All I want is a place
where we can be together
Your heartbeat, aligned with mine’s
there’s no stopping us now
our heartbeats as one
won’t you finally seal it with a kiss?
Author's Notes/Comments: 

“Heartbeat” symbolizes when two lovers become one or as literature have people say: “They become joined at their souls” almost like a “soulmate”. This will be a band song for my friends and I to sing to once we get the band started.

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musings on time

the world is not as small as I used to believe

Nor is it as forgiving

Heroes do not refer to the morally infallible,

But to people who did the necessary, right thing at the right time

Villains, then, are not those who seek darkness, but those who have embraced darkness as a means to justify an end

Justice picks favorites,

and mercy is fleeting

There is no peace without war,

and no war without crime

Happiness is not a state of mind, but a gift from time to time

Family is not forever, for better or worse

Wickedness and violence walk closely to love and loyalty:

you are hurt more often by those you trust than by strangers

Time passses more and more quickly every year you live

Loyalty is inevitably rewarded with treachery

Goodness is fleeting, but so is viciousness

People you love will leave you,

but you in turn will leave people who love you

There is no great end to a life, only an unexpected cessation

Honor, loyalty, and duty are used to justify violence

The powerful prey on the weak

The world is not as small as I used to believe

And the passage of time corrupts the heart,

dulls the mind

and rots the body.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lamentation for the weary who enjoy weariness

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I am not an easy question

or a hard answer.

I do not solve

even when I try.

I drop the gifts

I try to give,

the things I try to fix.


Stare at this too long

it’ll make your eyes hurt

you can run away blind

but they’ll see you stumbling.


Touch me too long

I’ll smell gasoline on your hands

and for years run toward leaks

just to watch all the forests burn


Hold this too long

it might stick to your fingers

leave scars and bruises

and pieces of castoffs

you I once thought you wanted


When the dust settles

you will have no excuses

not to write me down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/2/17

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If seconds lead to hours,

And hours such daylight thrall,

Why Sun give in to minutes,

And have viracous hour's call?

If we forget, do then moments arise, lead to oft sunset's fall?


Sometimes to look to moments,

Such embers of passage past,

For forward looking arrows,

But in past such arrows cast.


For Embers are so empty space, of voids such sparks once grew.

But now just echo of distance, and past, such arrows sure once drew.


In past such unknown of errors,

with unforseen sight no sound,

Drown in such embers,

Drown in truth but known,

Drown in redacted tones.


But let me know such instance,

Of instant kettled noise,

And success is such not so ordered,

No menued item crown.


We see in futures, 

And hope for better such lifting embrace,

Because past is such no anchor,

But anchored to no caste.


Lets fly, and swirl, in air of stars, and sea of dreams,

Where no bound of circus tricks can reach us,

And bound by no riverbed banks of streams.


Into light we will guide and be blinded,

Such blind to silence for vision,

So we can see all moments for true,

So touched by moments hue,

Past dreaming is for heroes,

In those dreams of hero,

I choose you.










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If life was like a letter

And reality a dream

If love was somewhat better

Alive but less extreme


If the past was dead and rotten

And Death was just a door,

Then I could bear your loving scars

For now and evermore

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As I Am


We cut through like the sunshine before I wake,

we slice my fears light till they can float

Can you see me in the next moment

before it happens?


Please forgive me for all the things I never say

and for

how I form the clouds of breath that leave my mouth

the horizon follows me wherever I go

but I’ll never reach it.


We cut through like the sunshine before I wake,

we slice my fears light till they can float

are you as here as I am?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/22/17

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