Paper Moon

A crumbled dim paper moon that lit
Once held boldly and so brilliant 
Stars envied the greatness of its tone
The light it carried upon her throne 
Unrivaled descendants overthrown
It’s fans now scattered scarsly shown
And complicated applause outgrown 
Across the universe parts well known
Penetrated precious and shaded stone
Shadowed darkest blackest chrome
Excited Planetary galaxies composed
Orchestrated melodic yellow hues of gold
Causing chaotic verses spun postpone 
Plans weaved fabricated undertone
The layered ancient voices transposed 
Executes carved sacred deep baritone

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Commingling Lights

Commingling with full moon,
Big Dipper, and all other stars
the light of northern Aurora.
With creation too each glow
flows into that of foes...
One are
each and every aura.


saiom shriver

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Haiku and Hokku




Winter breathes coldly

A rose on new-fallen snow

Beauty in nature


White carpet without

Inside, the dog sleeps soundly

Dreaming of Spring days


Rain upon the window

Soothing, sweetly singing soft

As I write about it




Family stay near

Life's storms draw close together

What calm drives apart


Special together

As I concentrate on work

She watches TV


Fearing the future

She wraps her arms around me

And holds me tightly




Alluring water-front

Holding magnificent crafts

Warships now at peace


Men of foul language

Cargo brought ashore today

The smell of the sea


Moonlight on the waves

Horns of vessels passing by

A lonely gull cries



By JFarrell



In each others’ arms,

We look up at the moon,



In the darkest indigo

Of a cloudy night

The moon bursts through the clouds

A bright silvery guide, in the sky

Some of the thick cloud is inpenetratable

And makes the moon look like a heart,

My heart, bursting with love for you


Can you feel my heart beating?

Can you feel my arms around you?

Can you feel my soft kisses on your neck?


Your moon is younger than mine

After all, we are six hours apart,

But, under the moon,

We are both here, now



I so love you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of imagination

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Esseence of the Moon (Sonnet 1)



Perhaps you are the essence of the moon,
Shine bright, cut through the darkest, deepest night,
Beware of day as sunlight breaks your loom,
Fear not, grab hold, endure the day so bright.
You bring with you the beauty of the stars,
But lose the greatness to your sister bold,
The planets greet your sky, with journey’s far,
Often forgotten by your friend so old.
No fault of yours has it become today,
The orbits last and fight for peace of mind,
For when it comes, this light, price is to pay,
Your debts are covered they will come to find.
Fret not the views of those you have to pass,
For you become the one who has to last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first attempt at a sonnet, hopefully with more to come!

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Stylish Moon!

Oh stylish moon!

How lovely you are!

How fashionable!

You look so young ever!


Sometimes you go on a diet,

And like a scythe become slim!

When round like a coin you become,

The timeless beauty never goes dim!


Almost all the girls covet to be like you,


Ever identical you are, yet ever new!

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Beautiful Imagery

I cannot help myself
against the slender slopes
hidden beneath her denim skin.
Inside me, there is a wolf, searching
to sheer this sheep's clothing
so that I may devour her.
Perhaps her She-Wolf would
exhale stifled howls, inviting me
to prowl freely and roam with Spirit.
Or perhaps I'm imaging such
in truth, I pray secretly
for 'sheepish' prey.
No trust for this lust;
I've lost myself before
to beastly beckoning echoing from bedrooms,
bidding consent to cum hither
for back breaking acrobatics -- 
but silence is my only partner these days,
karma suiting my insatiable inclination
for constant Kama Sutra sessions.


Maybe it's best to hold
my breath...
and let this blood red Moon
This wolf will go
waiting, quietly,
for a chance.


CLF 2015

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Can a Kipper...

Can a kipper eat a prune,

As pigs fly to the moon?

And if elephants in the sky,

Were to eat a lattice pie,


Would we all be here till June?

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"Moonless Walk"


The nightsky seems an empty space
without the goddess on her place

Why do you hesitate to be with me?
Are you still mad at me?

Where are you?
I'm longing to see you..

Are you just hiding up there?
All I want is to admire your beauty down here..

Those stars are not enough to light my way..
How lonely walk to end my boring day..

I just really, really miss your sight..
Will you please be with me tomorow night?

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