The Birth and Flight of a Phoenix

The storm has settled after a long summer.

The skies are clear, but the damage has been done.

I am charred, left abandoned in the ashes.

The humiliation during the wildfire led to my death.

The world I knew and loved disowned me.


But a baby bird had risen out of the ashes.

Despite its weak body, the newborn helped me onto my feet.

It led me away to start anew in a foreign world.

After all that had happened that led to this fire,

I know now that my old name is nothing but a memory

Left to be scorned by bloodthirsty eels.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


They can deceive the world all they like, but karma has its ways.

They will always be overshadowed by a much more unified flock.

But for now, I walk alone with no one but the baby bird perched on my shoulder.

I see a bit of my old life in it, but it possesses the need to change;

A quality that the world I left behind is too blind to see.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


By the time the bloodthirsty eels see me again, it will already be too late.

Their lack of intelligence is what I have to thank for getting me to where

I am needed most the whole time I have slaved away.

Too bad that they'll never know that I am not the poor unfortunate soul that I used to be.


The winter has arrived and the joys of Christmas Day have given the baby bird strength

To regain the fire that I have long-admired since I was no less than eight years of age.

The new year is around the corner and it is more than ready to spread its wings and fly

Like it did four years ago. It amazes me to see how kids grow up so fast.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


It is no longer our battle anyway for our destiny lies far away from this mom-and-pop.

Children Know Things

There are certain things
That all children know -
Flowers bloom in spring
When all the birds sing
The sun helps things grow
And melts the fresh snow
Rain washes things clean
And helps with gardening
The good times - playing
And bed time for praying
The very best balloons
Big ‘n round as full moons
And without any strings
Moving as the wind blows
Yep - children know things
Like - don’t step on toes
The moon is Swiss cheese
Leprechauns wear green
And all angels have wings
Yep – children know things

Lights and Sounds

Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

All the lights and sounds

That I’ve been chasing

A blue sky appears in the distance.

Remembering our times then:

We crashed, joked, and smiled



As long as we’re faithful,

We can turn today

Into another memory.

We can find our way back to paradise.


Verse 2:

Have you forgotten how to cry?

You’re my piano star?

That guiding light:

Will you enter?



Yet, the memory’s not enough.

I still cannot get you out.

Get you out of my mind.

Yeah, those were good times.



Live without doubts

Our hearts are

Eternally set in the afterglow.

Let it shine

Shine a light towards us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For an out of touch friend

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You wonder why you're alone, even when you push people away 

You ask the question of "why don't you love me", then you scream and cry "stay away!" 

All you ask is that somebody holds you and never gives up on you, you've never said that, but it's not that easy 

You stand alone wondering why you're alone, being isolated alone with your lonely thoughts, utterly alone 

Being alone you yearn for a lone friend who was alone like you, and you want to be alone, together 

Being alone with a lone friend brings feelings of love or forlorn, 

You go everywhere together, promising that you'll be their best man, and that you'll never part from each other's side 

You plan college and future, you plan and plan and plan together, getting more and more excited as you grow together, groaning and moaning through the struggles and allowing yourself to be seen prone with them 

And you see each other all the time and you get, well, you get that feeling where you trust them, believing that they'll never hurt you, you open yourself up and develop together as people. 

Attached, that was the word. When you, when you love someone you get attached to them, you give them the gun fully loaded and let them aim it at your heart because you don't want to hold on to that weighty weapon which held you down, and they said that they'd love to carry some of your burden for you 

And you forget that they took that from you, and you go on getting happier and happier, learning to love again, leaping and feeling light without a lingering worry leaving you heavy since that burden left you 

They call you their brother and best friend, that their life could never be this grand, you become their advisor and shoulder to cry on and for you too, and life is great, and you're happy, and you can finally smile, saying truthfully that "somebody loves me" 

Then you say something, and they shoot you, and you realize that friend ends with end. You said something that you would never mean but you weren’t thinking and you curse yourself every day because you're just a freak, a monster that holds only malice with many wounds that aren't mendable, you blame yourself even though they're the one that shot you 

And you can't function and you miss them and then you wish that you never met them, but it will always hurt, and it still hurts, and if I had one thing left that I had to say it's I love you, and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that I hurt you the way that they hurt me. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you finally get that friend, things are never the same

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unsung story

first time

breathing in, breathing out

wanted you to figure out

I know, never remove the curtain

which was hiding all the show

some mystery, unsung story


I was right there, right now

never reflected on that side

desperate you to know

guess what, even I didn't know

how foolish, still wanted you to know


breathing in, breathing out 

I know right now, I was there 

desire was very simple

how foolish, to get just noticed...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

well one can say its imagination where someone is looking at the other person (the person is not completely a stranger, its just not easy for her to interact) and he/she wanted that person to realise her/his desire 

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How my life began,

I wonder,

How it will terminate,

I wonder.

I seldom sought worldly pleasures,

wealth, status or be a man well known.

All I wanted is true love,

And God did give me one,

But she was taken away from me,

By the Almighty Himself.

I became disenchanted with the world,

And all its structures, people and places.

I often dreamt of the girl that I lost,

Taken away by God Himself.

Other women formed associations,

And tried to work their charms on me,

But I still missed the girl I loved,

The one taken away by God Himself.

I also became friends with a very good man,

Selfless, helpful, caring and generous.

He became my crutch -- so to say.

But now, after a lapse of 40 years,

He has also disconnected himself from me,

Just to please -- as I presume -- his wife.

Now I spend my days and nights alone,

Even though I have a mother and three children,

But all of them are busy in their own tasks,

And amusements and hobbies.

I am losing my peace of mind,

Maybe I may suffer a nervous breakdown.

I do not know what my last days will be,

As it is a mystery known only to my Creator,

The Lord God who took away my beloved...

Perhaps  she was too good for me and this world,

Maybe I am consoling myself with this thought.

But I miss her terribly,

As I have yet to see or meet a pretty girl like her,

Endowed with an equally noble character.

She too loved me with all her heart,

But she had to leave me and depart,

For God's Will cannot be altered,

At any cost, whether we pray or spend hours,

Weeping to Him alone in the night's wee moments.

Nobody can change destiny...

What will be mine, I do wonder,

Will I die a loner,

Just the way I came here,

Or does God Almighty have other plans for me?

I wonder, I wonder and I wonder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on an afternoon in September. Believe me these are my heartfelt and genuine thoughts and not just plain sentimental poetry. It is as I believe the result of my pondering on my existence....only God Almighty knows how it will end. I WONDER!!!



Overthinking sitting here

with her

I can’t help but scribble

I don’t

miss you

I miss the idea

of you, I

thought I missed



I feel like I should

miss the way

you told me

your best lies

things you cast

into the woodwork

and I didn’t even get to watch them

go up in flames


But now I can use

your chair in my brain

to keep

more of

how I want to learn her

relearn her

with my hands and head


Every off

beat of her songs

Every beginning

I carve into tree trunks

Every moment that makes

something a little bit better

Every what about us


I keep


the list of

things I don’t know at all


like how to say

I love you

and not feel like

something’s lost


But there’s still

something brighter than

I can say,

something to kill kickstart my heart,

something about

saying it out loud,


you caught me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/30/17

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—Untitled 04/26/2017 [04:26]




'Tis not that simple

to understand why we cry

There is no single reason

why we also smile


My sense of distinguishing

between the the two

extremes have become 

a mirage


And there were only a few

Who really could reason well

For I have not known love

As if it's as intimately—as you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a repost from my Twitter platform, created during a specially quirky situation (specified only as an untitled poem, & w/c was done on the fly at around 4:26 AM on April 26, 2017).  It is an edited version.

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The Happiness of Today


                To my sisters, to my brothers, I would like to say



                         Be humbler everyday, while new days come every time
                         Or be gentle with the men, with the women, every kind
                 Not to say that being good doesn’t bring a reward
                   To the ones that achieve, a golden treasure is relief



                          Be really a better person, and thus the wickedness’ thief
          The hug on a grief, and the smiles’ own teeth
          Happiness is an option, but so is to live — and
                Of course there are questions, hence we are here
         Today you can ask, tomorrow you may leave



 Today you can act. Tomorrow we’ll see.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be or not to be the happiness of today?