heart flip


this is new.


this is

there used to be a light

and someone has turned it off

in front of my face

but for years I thought I could still see

before I went half blind


this is

what do I want

strong soft





they tell you

lean on a shoulder

when you’re stumbling

but I started this at sundown and there are too many trails

now I am all alone and it is midnight and I can’t find the moon

I can’t find the things that have always been there and

this is my finish line to cross


this was supposed to be a simple walk

done before dark but

it has turned into fighting a clear path through a storm


I used to be able to love without second-guessing but

now you are a given,

nothing else is

how am I supposed to find solid ground when I can’t feel my own body

how am I supposed to love you like I did when I can’t spell the sentences of my own love letters

I don’t know how to reach through my own heart

and find what I needed a thousand years ago

how am I supposed to need you

when I don’t know what I need


this is

being tossed under waves I thought were freshwater

and getting a lungful of salt


this is

not fitting in the mold they have given me

or the one I gave myself


this is

forgetting everything about the words supposed to


and running on





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/5/20

we love questioning our sexuality...again

—Stalled Train Wanders Off







—Stalled Train Wanders Off


'Tis a drag—that car

nobody operates it

—moving on waters


I was asked one day, to describe myself just one way.  By a friend i could not deny.  I wracked my mind for a word that applied. There was not a single one that i could claim mine owned.  So i made one up, that i lwould like to share with all those that are likely to care.  I call me obscuse.  It an amalgamation of obscure and obtuse.  It's describes beautifuly my addiction to the living metaphore of language.  That i pick a word with strange connotations and pair it with equal expectations from a disperate source.  Unless i'm trying to be direct obviously.  But that happens rarely.  I enjoy the journey from the edge of relevance on a tangent of assosiative and topsy turvy logic



Can you write the list that’s made of me?

I think you could scribble till I’m nothing but

everything that pours out like a spring


Here is a shock

I’m not ready to hear

I push, you pull

so I keep listening


I am raining on you

these words might be too heavy

but I am a cloud

can’t seem to stop spinning

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/5/18

Apple Cider (day 106)

Lift me up

like a stolen candle

Drink me down

like apple cider

Only you will ever know

where I come from


Name me once

like you’re never leaving

Speak my shudders

like it’s all the moonlight

you’d ever want

make me yours again


Lift me up

like a wanted secret

Drink me down

like sea salt charm

Only you will ever know

where I come from


Turn your magic on,

speed up the wind

till it can keep up with your dreams

I’ll fill you up when it freezes


Lift me up

like I’m whole again

Drink me down

like apple cider

Only you will ever know

where I come from

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/10/16

Apple cider

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Password (day 34)

I need a password to reopen

something gone frozen,

a fresh pearl page to restart


Quiet, not especially striking,

nothing to my liking

so I turn in my cards and restart


Wind through my cold bones

hope my soul isn’t unknown

to whoever I’m inventing now


I’m a riddle’s answer you can’t find

a shifting, misshapen outline

maybe I’ll never know how


To be a human with a past

I don’t want who I am to last

I want to be the girl nobody saw


I hold the key to a twisted mystery

but words can open suddenly

the secret side door nobody saw

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/3/16


Not my best...kinda shit...but 200 day challenge requires writing till the water runs clear, so I'm going with it.

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Identity ...

Instead of fulfilling God's plan for their life. Due to the fact people are Lovers of themselves more than GOD....

In doing that they're
lost souls walking  Spiritually DEAD.
So caught up in themselves,
From a Job, even a spouse, some it could be materialistic things.

You know like Money, Cars, some it may be clothes, or the lastest trend or fashion whatever is trending right.

From smart phones, iPad, or tablets whatever the case maybe,

not realizing that you're not controlling the device its controlling you.
All throughout your day, even in your homes. Families don't even take time to sit at the table and eat anymore.

Faces from young to old is in front of a screen of some sort. Rather reality
t.v, texting or another Selfie. Now dont get me wrong im not speaking of everyone,

but you know who you are rather we admit it to ourselves or not, GOD see all things.

Time is passing by but Christ is nearer than we think. I said all that to say this,

Time to release your potential seek God first. Your momentuem starts with you.

Be Diligent in all that you do, An your GOD given purpose will come manifest through.

Time to Identify your Identity .

Be Blessed

Love Pebbles

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Shadow Secrets


In the midnight run shadows show face in the dark

thoughts that cloud shadows' mind-


They become animals roaming the dark streets of 

decadence, perversion; ungodly sins...


In between shadows lurk the spirits of evil men

and unholy women, selling their souls for tricks

and cheap fixes-


You here the screams of the raped, beaten in the

streets; shadows mind their own business; every

night blood spills upon shadows feet-


Shadows mingle and dance in the dark gardens of

cemeteries, singing songs of malice with the wicked

minds that join them-


Discreetly blending with shadows on the walls....

murmuring, whisperng in tongues; laughing at the

victims the night has claimed-


As the rise of dusk nears all the shadows come out

of the dark walls and halls; if you focus your sight at

the darkness that surrounds, you will see a glimpse

of a shadow's metamorph to a human being walking

into the light as if they belong-


Fooling other's; fooling themselves....Animals!!

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My Own Eyes are Not Mine

Falling through the repeated days
In a set trance in the dark eternal craze

To a tired struggle I kill another dove
and forget what I made a promise to be free of

Because it's simply easy, and rather too fun
But when I gained another side, I lost sight of the sun

I feel not to go around and walk a set path that fits my shoes
Looking at myself, these are not my own hands, nor my own views

I'm trying to find a person who I can call me
To be familiar with and call my own what I can see


But in the end it all tears apart sooner or later
The person I thought I knew inside is my only traitor


I change another face to fit another set day
To think it matters, but it somehow never did anyway


Everything can change from a single teardrop from the eye
But then again, who am I?

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