The Best Action Game Year 2019

Have you been lazy person but want to play games, allow me to tell you that maybe you have bright future for yourself. Today in this world of technology there's two technology that has almost covered this whole world i.e. computer and internet technology and with the convergence of both of these technology gaming world has grown to its best level. Today a number of the industries are paying or recruiting people just for testing new games and review them. If you prefer to enjoy a number of the games with good machines in your side that is clearly a good idea. I'd like to talk here about a number of the games which are together with charts:-




Fortnite premiered back in September 2018. In it's initial time frame there is little hype about that game but later it got a boom in the gaming industry and now it tops the chart and has an active and expensive fanbase. This is a multiplayer game and the greatest goal of this game last one man standing and achieve a "VICTORY ROYALE ".Overall this game is fun for all and provides the nice challenge for players and daily it's growing its hype among gamers.


League Of Legends


League of Legend (LoL in short) is a multiplayer online battle gaming developed and published by Riot Games. League of Legends was well received upon its release back in 2009 and has since grown in popularity, with an active fanbase. This game is a multiplayer game. It's it's an incredible number of viewers each day. Overall this game is good competitive game for players.


God Of War


God of War is an action-adventure gaming that has been manufactured by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE). This game established fact for the graphics and animation and has an incredible number of fanbase and growing each day. God of War received universal acclaim from critics and was praised for the graphics, narrative, world design, direction, character, and combat system. This game has it's own fanbase and viewers.


There are several more online and offline games which you will love to play like Counter strike, clash of clans, Battlegrounds (aka PUBG), Splatoon 2... etc.

If you love to play offline games you can try your practical games like Smash Hits, Monolithic, Badland, Angry birds star wars 2 etc.

I would choose you to go through these games and enjoy your time.

for the favourite game connect to link Red Dead Redemption 2 Download:-

So don't get lazy, just get perfect in your gaming world. Enjoy and make the best use of your own time by playing games. For the best experience on your computer and phone get to connect to this link:-

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Moiz Razais here

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Verse 1:
I know that these words

Aren't quite true.

Ringing in my head,

Your voice becomes an echo,

An echo in my heart.


Now, I know it may seem

Strange or even crude

But I want you to know that

I've let you go.

I've let us go.


Verse 2:
Watching my expectations crash,

I silently wait on you

To notice me.

To notice the silence in the air.
You've now become an echo in my heart.


I wonder if you think of me

As I think of you at night.

It keeps me up at night..

Your intentions become clearer

As time goes on.


Don't play me for a fool.

'Cause I can play the game.

It won't end well

For the both of us.

We both become echoes in the night wind. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about a situationship that someone has moved on from whether it be a "fuckboy" or "fuckgirl". He/she is now in a healthy relationship with someone that can treat them better...

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Winter Blood


She stepped out into the night

From out of the Nightmare came a cry

The creature's somber humming ever so quiet

luring the unsuspecting into a frenzy

She is all that stands between

a world of ire and a world of light

The shadows writhe in horror;

their ghastly creation a pale abhorrence

She was to be their Chosen One

A warrior angled to live more

than just a hollow existence

The souls were as bright as the stars

But unearthly blood stained the

tips of her hair, her sword, and her solace

Drop by drop it tinged the ground

The beastly burden of loss

The last chance to take a final breath

And all of it- gone.

No second chance.

However, the silence hungers and from

the fires she wakes

She steps out onto the plains

A blizzard creeps down her spine

The Demon Ruins she must bide

One last stop to sharpen the blade

Fill up the flask and check her Faith

The fool she may be

But bathed in blood, a kingdom undone

She will walk the unknown, let her story unfold

To find the truth

To end the curse

...of Winter Blood


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchise :)

What It Is

I feel like every single thing is like a mind game,  played and laid out for me

I can't feel a single thing, like I'm not blind, but I still can't see


What is it really? Perhaps it's not that important?

Tell me what it is, or is it just my own comportment?


I have walked in the very things I've looked down upon

What I once thought was selfish, now I too am wrong


and now there is blood all over my hand

But I have no idea why, I just don't understand


This is a complication called the human mind

Irony, double standards, hypocrisy, A place to be so blind


To wallow and loop in this thick puddle of shame

For the mistakes commited, I fairly wore the blame


Knowing is the beginning is something I suppose

It's better to learn, rather than to find it to oppose.


So I guess I'll take my feelings and throw them to the floor

I'll leave you where you originally were, trapped inside a closed door


And you can echo your goodbyes

as you embrace yourself to the ink of sheer ignorance and sighs..


a dark shroud 

of gloom 

covers him.

his past eats 

away inside

clanging words 

of redemption

that fly from lips 

like hope made 

of tin cans.

noisy, shrieking

like the clamor

of a lamb


a money tree, 

his fanatical dream,

the truth 

is masked 

in paper bills

with smiling faces

but none belong

to your jesus.

promises clenched 

in bloody fists

from former years,

lies loom 

and seal doom.


only happens

in the mind

like phrenic
© 2013 8:46 AM 8/1/2013
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Hello everyone hope your day is going great!


So I have been thinking of doing a poetry "game".  I was thinking of creating poems about different object such as rain, roses, etc but I (through poetry) describe the item.  I will be trying hard to create an image of the object and you the audience will have to guess what you believe the object is!  It is just an idea but any feedback, negative or positive would greatly be appreciated!


Thank you,



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The Queen





A chessboard.

Most people play the game 

As one charcter, because

They have little character

To speak of, they are

Like a child that

Has never been able

To learn how to skip, and 

They miss out on so many joys 

Of life, locked into the same role all the time,

Not realizing, that in the game of real

Life, in order to win, 

You must see beyond 

The rules of game, and 

It is not so much about

Each person having a

specific character, but 

How flexible we choose 

To be in each circumstance 

That life throws at us in order 

To achieve the outcomes we all want.

Some circumstances call for us to make 

Ourselves a pawn in order to win the game.

Other circumstances require the knight, the rook,

Or the bishop, and there is no telling when the need 

Will arise to play a given character for the betterment of all,

And that is the clincher when it comes to real life. People tend to 

Look at things in a 'fixed' way. They limit their own opportunities by doing so,

And without realizing, they limit the opportunities of everyone in their life.

Being a Queen in real life, in the eyes of a pawn, may appear to be the best character to be,

But the truth is, this is the job of a real life Queen if she indeed wants the greatest

Good for all of the characters, which in turn, will be her own greatest good, she must, at times,

Be flexible enough to play the role of the pawn. And that is why, in all honesty, she is the QUEEN.




June 19, 2013 2:27 PM



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are characters that hide in the same 'role' in life, and there are people with character. Be a person of character, and people of character will be drawn to you.

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Powerless Pawn

Love Hurts

I am a powerless pawn

In a dangerous game

I am only a victim,

With no reason or name

I am his captive

He holds my fate

My future looks bleak

As he closes the gate

No one can see this

No one but me

My bonds are invisible

They think I am free

But loving him

Is not a choice

It’s demand on my heart

It strangles my voice

I live in terror

I fear the worst

And although he assures me

That I’ll never be hurt

I don’t believe him

He’s said this before

Once I had faith

But I don’t anymore

End Me (While I Want It) - May 7, 2012

Worthless, a word with common speak interlaced,

Describes me so well in a fashion so perfect.

I have no meaning, no use, no love or place;

I want to be displaced; from life be erased.


So come and end me, come slit my throat;

Come suffocate me, and watch me choke.

Don't hesitate, I wanna prolong this pain;

Have no mercy, just play it like a game.


Tie my arms, my feet, restrain and throw me;

Into a tank of boiling tar you'll force me.

Scattered inside are razors so gleaming;

So pleasing is that music of me screaming.


Take serrated blades, rip my wrists apart;

Carve out my eyes, like the hopes in my heart.

Drain my blood, drink it like a fucking wine;

So sweet, delicious; it's the end of my time.


Rip out my fucking heart and tear it apart,

There's no love left in me to give anyways.

Carve out my chest cavity, it's divine art;

Hollow me, use me like a fucking ashtray.


Hold down my hands, tear off my fingernails;

Hang them as bloody ornaments so pleasing.

Screaming agonized joy, my heart now fails;

Just kill me now, this wish so diseasing.


So take a hammer, smash in my worthless face;

Stomp on my remains, now but a disgrace.

Digest my flesh, make me part of your soul;

Feel my corpse, touch the walls of my skull.


Lock me in a chair, force my eyes open wide,

Make me witness the horrors of real genocide.

My screaming only intensifies this pain;

On the floor is a growing red bloodstain.


Take my corpse, throw it in the sea's midst,

With anchors tied tightly to my rotten chest.

Let not one piece or memory of me remain,

So I'll be forgotten and all will be the same.


I don't care how, just please end me quickly;

You know, there's a reason for my death plea.

I'm sick of hurting others, sick of being me,

Sick of being the one to cause all the misery.


It's not that I would normally wish to die,

But at this point I can now seem to find,

I've brought this unto myself, can't deny,

So please kill me before I change my mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(This was written purely for entertainment.)