Ugly Guy

The ugly guy is looking to have someone in his life, it's time to make fun of him
First thing is first we'll pick on his weight cause he's fat not slim
Next thing we'll point out is that he has trouble talking
But we will never have any shortage of mocking
He also seems like the creepy guy who would do a lot of stalking

I see when he talks he's missing a few front teeth
Starting to think if you manage to get him naked he's no doubt tiny down underneath
Doubt that he would know how to please a female
Anything you do with him would no doubt equal a fairytale
He seems like someone who lives inside of his head
In some fantasy land where he'll be accepted until the day he's dead

In the real world that's not the case
He's so fucking ugly, just look at that face
Doesn't that make you sick
If you give him the time of day you would no doubt think he's a lunatic
Since he thinks differently than you or I
Also got me thinking it would be easy to make him cry

In this world that he doesn't belong
When he chooses to play along
Since he must have one very tiny shlong

So why would we give him that time of day
Quick before he sees us lets back away
To a greater distance than before
Now that he can't see us lets put him on ignore


Author's Notes/Comments: 

**Writers Note **
This is about me, I wrote it all it's basically myself mocking me from the standpoint of the opposite sex

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Born To Be A Loser

Knew from the first moment I began to walk, that I had to get used to being alone
Then I learned how to talk, and the same shit is true now that I'm grown
Born to be a loser who should know better, always making stupid mistakes
If people are lucky they'll find my body floating in one of the lakes
So they no longer have to worry about me or think about me
Hopefully if that happens my mind will have been set free

Born to be a loser as my life drags on
Somethings start out ugly then grow into something beautiful like a swan
I was ugly as a child and continue to be that way as an adult
Who need someone to put me down or give me an insult
I do it to myself so frequently it just becomes second nature

Have done it so much I wouldn't know what my life would be like if I stopped
Would I be happier or feel like I'm missing something in life, everyone says there goes Ken and in his life he flopped
Everyone wants superman we arent even on the same page, nor in the same universe
As I continue to pour my emotions out into poetry that's also known as free verse

I should just put myself in the corner for the rest of my time
Stay away from the pen and pad, give up on any sort of rhyme


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Personality Theft

The day shall be imperfect until I find myself
It's pretty hard, I keep trying, I got no inner health



The cracked mirror
I impatiently wait for the day to be fixed
Hidden fear or
darkness, I couldn't say, the feeling's mixed

Trying to find light within the cracks
Breaking out of night as I listen to the heart attacks
Of the people of broken health I called me, once worn
In the city of myself, not meant to be, a battle born

Cracked skin!
Poison within,
a smile locked in, but inside a fight you couldn't win

Could I stand here and speak lies that this was really me?
Not really, I don't have much of eyes left to see.
as I just kill another one impatiently
so violently.

Until there's a void with complete darkness and nothing left
Just another alleyway destroyed, another empty something, just another personality theft,

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There is no Obligation

There is no obligation.

No urge, no restraint, no frustration.

A weak chain that in the wind may blow,

A strong and sturdy, heavy chain, no.

There is no choice,

No choice to be made.

No need to rejoice,

No suffering forbade.


For us to make meet, there are no ends,

For I see no obligation there, my friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Well, here's a good way to end this after I've pushed aside a thought from my mind:


With a sword.


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*No Longer By Myself*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


No longer by myself

You I have found

I no longer want my heart back on the shelf

My feet are back on the ground


My beat is back in my heart

My soul is back with me 

I'm no longer feeling broken apart

My fears are set free


All because of you

I can truely live

You're someone special so true

My love honey to you I give


I'm no longer ny myself

I thank the lord above

For sending you to me again

I thank him for your love

I no longer worry about what could of been

I no longer worry about being pushed ore shoved 


You're here to take care of my heart

You're here to take care of me 

We are together to make a new start

You were brought back to help me see


I no longer have to worry about my fear 

I no longer am alone 

My heart beat I can finally hear

My heart is no longer stone 


My tears can go away

I am as happy as I can be

I can smile another day

This I hope you can see


I'm no longer by myself

It's all because of you

I'm no longer blue

All because of your warming touch


I thank my nana for bringing you 

To stand by my side 

This bond we have together 

I don't ever want to hide 

I want to show it off forever 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Derrick Mann

Who Am I?

I am a shadow, long gone
I am forgotten, disappointments spawn
I am the weeping, in nights silent hour
From society, who savors the sour
I am the dark, stuck within my fears
I am denied, to them and all who hears
I was a dreamer, now hiding within my sleep
From the all of the promises that I can not keep
I am a shadow, long gone

I loved, and I loved you well.
Even after you challenge me hell
I remember, she parted us, you and I
She kissed your cracks, promising you lies
She left you broken, by the dead
But me, I wanted you by my side, to cherish instead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old class assignment I digged up.

It was supposed to be more simple and straightforward.

But I remember, I couldn't help myself from twisting it up


Which results with this


Monsters In The Dark

Now listen to what I have to say

For the wicked hide in the shadows of this day


You know nothing of what is of me

You may know the color of my eyes

But not of what they are capable to see


Now here, I've warned this upon you

For not every smile is ever true


Everything is not set in stone

You may say there is an answer

When nothing is completely known


Close your eyes, please understand

That what you may rely on is a blood-thirsty hand


Unknown of what they truly are

Watch think before you turn and talk

Someone so close to you can be so far


So remember before you go on and say

"But why would anyone do this to me anyway?"


Human nature can be full of evil and greed

Unwatched, A monster born within the shadows, full only of self pleasure and need.


I am myself
I won't be nobody
Of what essence is the
moon's immitation of the sun?
When the Lord of the heavens
has blessed it with it's own
Unique radiance...
Illumination, radiating beauty

I am myself
I won't be nobody
Why should the river envy the ocean?
When the maker of water
Has given it it's taste, it's lovely tide
And with its gentle smile
to the face of the sun

I am myself
I won't be nobody
The dew can't be like the rain
Why should it race to be?
When they both are from the sky
With the dew's soothing touches 
And grace all over the earth

I am myself
I am not nobody
I can't be everybody
'Coz I am somebody
Me...I am myself
I am unique
And I value my uniqueness

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are created differently and we have varying potentials... So, why don't you be yourself?

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Your Hurt

I get it
I really do get it
That pain you feel from losing someone you loved
I get it

I understand that you felt alone
I know you felt like you weren't important
Like no one understood

Like they left you in the dust
Behind them to be only a memory
Then they came back only to say they love you

I get it
I really do get it
That pain you feel from losing someone you loved
I get it
Only because i lost you once

Author's Notes/Comments: 

leave a comment let me know what you think. This was something i wrote for my bestfriend when we were in a bad place. he's the love of my life

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