Politics 2020

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The current political climate in the United States is something to be fearful for, especially if you know your history. 

A part of history!

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i wrote this poem when i went to luisianna to visit my brother he took me to a plantation (the hunan house plantation) i literaly couldnt speak because it was so much to take in, with all i saw came the realization that my life is a breeze compared to some it humbled me to speechless to say the least hope you like it

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I Held Back

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I had an open mic a few months back. A good friend of mine asked me to perform at her show she had built from scratch. I was eager to help, having performed at her show before (see 'Other Life') and had performed with (see 'Corpse Pose'). Anyway, I was there and I choked. I held back. I instantly wrote two new poems and read one decent poem, and another, lacking. I cursed myself for doing so. This poem is about that hesitation.

I am a whisper of tears

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Living In My Shell

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The Reign

To Be Illustrated
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So many have issues falling asleep, though the reasons are as numerous as some of them terrorizing. 

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Just a slightly creepy write for a horror fan like myself.

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