Trees Do Scream


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Trees do scream.

We jjust can't hear them

saiom shriver




This several thousand year

old redwood just toppled

sooner than its life span

because of the vivisection


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In The Woods

The evergreen, the Ponderosa, the Sequoia
Tower so high—so great,
So high they reach out to lightning fate.
High up, birds hover near the nest;
Far beneath them, peace and quiet gives us rest.
They even hide us from the stars,
From Venus, Jupiter, or Mars.

We tranquil land bound creatures search,
Enveloped in our tree-branch church;
We are so impotent, so puny, frail,
Surrounded by these trees and trail.
We rest on beds of branches and leaves,
As if to hide from bandits or thieves.

Truly memorable this short nature tour,
A momentary gift … a lure,
Then back to life’s reality … so soon,
Under the watch of a friendly moon.
Now daily chores and obligations
Erase the pleasure of man’s primal sensations.
The rustic forest shall wait
Those who search beyond heaven’s gate.

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Brown to green to brown

Brown to green to brown

   By jfarrell


So the leaves have changed since I sobered up;

Spring was starting

And now autumn, fall, is tapping on my shoulder;

From winter brown to spring green, back to brown.


As a hot summer cools to a warm (hopefully) autumn,

The leaves go through their red phase,

More blood red than brown;

The trees rain blood, as if in protest at what they see.


And maybe, we should listen to them;

Most of the trees are older than any living person;

If they could speak

What wisdom, what secrets might they share?


Maybe, there is only one wisdom, one truth;

“Stop worrying; He will provide”;

I’ve yet to see a tree exhausted with stress;

Or worrying where its next meal is coming from.


From brown to green to brown;

With a little scarlet, a little blood letting;

Maybe, this winter, the trees will wear their frosty cloaks; silver white;

And, maybe I will appreciate it more, than I did before.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

nature has many wondrous colours

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The Tree

As I walked down the road thinking,

How all hope had abandoned me...

I came up on a pitiful sight~

A bent, lonely and broken tree.

Tears fell from my eyes,

As I reflected on my life...

How much I felt like this tree~

Pitiful, broken and full of strife.

I sat down at the base,

Closed my eyes and begin to pray...

"Dear Lord, why did I give up.

And allow the strings of my heart to fray?"

He  answered with a whisper,

Like a soft and gentle wind...

You turned away from Me, my child~

But I promise this isn't the end."

He then went on to tell me,

To look at the top of the tree...

So I tilted my head skyward~

And saw two lovely green leaves!

Then God said "when you think you're alone

And feeling lonely broken and bent...

Look up to Me for reassuranc~

For My love is Heaven sent.

And like the two leaves,

That you now see...

I will ALWAYS be with you~

Especially when you're a broken and bent tree.

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The other day while walking in the woods something occurred to me
“How much there is to learn,” I thought, “from a stroll among the trees.”

Trees can teach us about beauty when we stop to realize
How beauty comes in any shape, in any color, any size.

For every tree is beautiful, each one a work of art and heaven blessed
And each tree adds its loveliness to the beauty of the rest.

Trees can teach us about harmony, they have no ego, no vanity, no pride
They stand together in the forest, different species side by side.

They can teach us about family, each tree is a sister or a brother
Strong enough to stand alone or lean on one another.

As we watch how trees welcome in the rain, the wind, the sun, the air
They can teach us how the key to life is their ability to share.

They can teach us about humility, it’s a lesson we must learn
As they give us food and air and life asking nothing in return.

They put up no fences, no walls, no boundaries have they made
And everyone’s invited in, to sit beneath their shade.

They can teach us about adversity, they stand tall through life with ease
They know the key to weathering any storm is swaying with the breeze.

They can teach us how to live together for it’s the Earth that they adore
They have no need for animosity, or hatred, or prejudice or war.

They can teach us to take the time to rest, to find shelter from the sun
And never be too busy to climb their branches, just for fun.

They teach us how we’re all connected, every creature, plant and stone
And remind us no matter where we go, we never walk alone.

And they teach us all in silence, they do not sermonize or preach
It’s up to us to accept their guidance and heed the lessons that they teach.

Yes, as I walked in the woods I never realized the way my heart would yearn
Knowing that the trees were there to teach me...and how much there is to learn.

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Do you -- do you know the reason they moan? 

Like abled creatures and beings, 
or the pullings tides, 
our watchful trees with too to move. 

They wish to enjoy the harvest, to dance in their fallen leaves. 
They long to sway and sing with the times of change, 
and to see the miracles of seed. 

But their roots are buried deep, 
and to be removed is defeat. 

So they sing their lonely songs 
with weathered bark and 
branches that reach for more. 

These are the reasons they moan.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There was actually more to the poem, but I opted only to share the second half. Just a little something. At the time I was a rather interested in trees. Smile

*I Need You (2)*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I need You 

Like the grass needs the rain

You're the only person that makes me smile

When I'm in pain

One day I hope to walk down the isle


I need you 

Like the trees need the suns heat

You're the only person I want in my heart

I'm so glad God let us finally meet

I knew I loved you from the very start


I need you 

Like we need air

To breathe our every breath to live

For only you I'll always care

My ever lasting love to you I'll forever give


I need you 

Like our eyes need our tears

I promise to try to protect you from harm

And I'll do my hardest to fight your fears 

I'll always make you smile wih my charm


I need you 

Like the stars need the sky

I want to be with you forever

For only you my love I'd die

Promise we'll always be together 


I need you 

Like a child needs her mother 

To always love and protect

For a very long time I pray we only love eachother

You, my everything I could never neglect


I need you

Like we need the world to survive

You are mine for keeps for good

You make my mind body and soul stay alive

Next to you sweety I have always stood


I need you 

Like you need me 

To you I'll always be true

And never again set you free


You mean the world to me 

You are my everything

In my heart with you I'll always forever be

To your happiness and love I'll always forever bring




Deforesting Koch Brothers

Deforesting Koch Brothers

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The Koch Brothers are together worth more than 100 billion dollars
which they are using to further corrupt our partial democracy as they flood the
airwaves with ads for Republican warmonger candidates.

They own besides many oil pipelines... Georgia Pacific
which is spreading drought and forest fires while destroying animal habitat by
killing trees.

"Republican candidates in close races in Alaska, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina each received more than $100,000 from billionaires." (Huffington Post). One can add to that Iowa and Ohio.

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FDR's Trees

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FDR created the CCC
which planted
hundreds of millions of trees
Now the USG
bombs and burns
hundreds of billions of trees

-saiom shriver-


(Richard St Barbe, the Australian,
influenced President Roosevelt in this. Now the US,
Australia and everywhere
needs many times more trees)

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