My mind is gone

My brain is lapsing,

My body is weak

My spirit collapsing.


I am here in flesh

but absent in mind,

My inner self is crying

but what you see, is fine.


Lost in this puzzling world

and I lost all the pieces,

I'm scattered brain

walking in shame,

as my overloading thoughts increases.


What do I do

Where do I go

How do I see

How do I know

What should I say

Who should I ask...


One day, in time

I won't have to wear this Mask.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

January 30, 2018.

I look forward to the day, my mind sets me free of this darkness

The Rock


So quickly come,
And so quickly go.


We leave each other to hurt,
And wonder
If better days are perhaps near,


They’re rock,
Our lives,
Yet we promised,
To take care,
And be taken care of.


Yet here I stand,
With no such rock,
Except for the one,
Which underneath I hide.

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She is Hiding Something

She is hiding something,

As a sinful being,

Endeavours his secrecy to bury,

As if a dead man taking with him the mystery.


I can forgive everything except deception,

Since I can’t stand cultivating tension,

Within my very brain,

There’s no room for pain.


If my love is true,

She will be remorseful much so.

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Hiding Out


Maybe a vampire

Maybe something else

Hiding out

Behind the pillars

For none to see.


Blood at loss

Tired of escape

I am hiding out

Supernatural being.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone is hiding out...

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The Worst of A Savage

I feel like I'm getting cut off the chord

Another guy's cheating on his girlfriend while he's bored

Lies to his good friend and runs off again anew

Leaves his friend to the wolves and what is true


To lie and kiss when you belonged to another
To take away a poor soul's virginity and have a 10th lover

All of this and more at once

Consecutively deceiving and ongoing months


I wonder just what is your problem?

To steal so many hearts and trap a robin

And feed the sickness to the sea of insanity

Starting another storm and change the skies to calamity


To taint another's love

and slit the throat of a peaceful dove

You set a storm in the deepest of hearts

and set wounds inside the most delicate parts

When will you ever seem to care or learn

Until the harsh fire inside of you ceases to burn


To turn yet another to stone

and eat the flesh and leave bare bone

Laying in the shadows waiting for the next poor soul to ravage

Clearly you fit the name, the worst of a savage




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His Eyes...


I look into eyes

that light sparks in my soul,

like the dying embers

of an untended fire.

They soothe me,

calming down the raging waters

that crest with in my soul,

They ignite me

burning their way across my flesh

and searing their memory into them.

His eyes do things,

that my mind in unfamiliar with,

he has started this revolution

That spreads like wild fire

Threatening to overthrow

the balance I have worked so hard

to achieve,

as though I am constantly

walking on eggshells,

the ones His eyes

have managed to crack....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something he shal never see,

only for the eyes of you and me :D


This is about a guy ive known for.... almost a year that sets my heart aflame. I will probably never show him this


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humane society disconnect, disappear: a transitive verb

Poem Strings





-saiom shriver-



user img

How many humane societies

have fundraisers

in which they serve mammal

bird and fish flesh

to raise money to prevent

animal suffering?


They love the animals

they know… but not yet

the cows, pigs, sheep,

chickens, turkeys, and

fishes with whom they

don’t interact.

- s shriver-






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In the last few decades, the word disappear

has a new meaning…. to cause the dematerialization

of a being or object.

Internet providers and search engines do this on

their own, not only in hiding links but in

removing webpages, but  they also

cooperate with the National

Security Agency.

- s shriver-


Always Anonymous

A-Z poems

I leave letters in lockers

Secretly admiring those

way out of my league.

Whose biting words

Have dug their way

Through the wall i put up

And slowly sink their way in.

Yet i secretly admire you

The suple cut of your lips

The swinging sway of hips

As you sashay your way down 

The hallways of High School

Heels clicking against the asphalt

I leave love letters in lockers

Telling those who taunt me

That even if everyone else is against them

I love them for who they really are,

Because I never want someone

To feel the pain I do

And as i hang myself

From this garage door

Writing this letter to all

Who mocked me in hallways,

I hope my letters saved someone

Who all think are perfect and happy

And though you taunted me

Always Publicly

Know I never wished ill of you

Even though my letters were

Always Anonymus....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem in my A-Z poem folder

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Ha Ha Ha

Ha ha ha Hee Hee Hee

I can’t believe you actually thought you really knew me

You only know what I allowed you to see



Ha ha ha  Hee Hee Hee

You are so funny

How could you possibly believe you know it all honey



I am a cancer, hiding the true me is my speciality





Written by 


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