A woman I did not know and had never met before

stopped in the other day when no one else was in the store


She brought a book into the bookstore…that’s a little odd I thought

then she asked if I had read the book…I said that I had not.


She looked into my eyes, smiled and nodded her head.

then proceeded to ask me questions about the book I hadn’t read.


It really didn’t matter that I could not answer her whos or whats or whys

because once she asked the questions she didn’t wait for my replies.


She kept the conversation going without me about the book I hadn’t read

While I listened, smiled and every now and then politely nodded my head.


But in the midst of her barrage of words…as I listened to her speak 

I heard amidst her chattering…that her sister died last week.


I almost missed them when they first floated by…

so I waited a moment 

and then

as I listened more intently…

they floated by again.


She said she hadn’t been out much since her sister died and decided to take a walk

I imagine she was sad…and lonely…and just stopped in to talk.


So I kept right on listening and nodding and on my face I kept a smile

as she kept our one-sided conversation going for a while.


She thanked me as she left the store…you’re welcome was all I could say

wishing I could have done a little more to help push her sadness away.


And even though she did all the talking

and not one word had I said

It was the best conversation I’ve ever had


about a book I hadn’t read.

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Total Listening Silence




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Someone who listens totally

knows that even a simple

clarification question

can disturb the


as water waves fragment

the sun’s image on a mirroring lake


-saiom shriver-

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A Breeze of Memory

A graveyard of dead trees

Fallen leaves of vast red and orange seas

Squirrels scurry before winter strikes

As children play while others pass on bikes


harmony of the trees an the wind come together and sing

As a bird chirps then stops to clean it's wing

Children shrieking and screaming as they play

Angry armies of cars roar past, then fly away


Memories start of when I was a kid

Only broken away by time an what it did

Sitting still only in question

Of who I am and to what is my impression


I laughed . . . I played here

I was happy unknown of fear

But then reality again breaks memory's connection

Only to be lost again, still unknown of my reflection


Author's Notes/Comments: 

annnd, here you have yet another class assignment that I did way back.


The Edge of Fear

THE EDGE OF FEAR by richard wing

The world so different out here,
Living on the edge of fear,
With every sound the wind sings:
But when the sound disappears.
It reawakes my fears.
My breath I hold.
It becomes so cold.
So don’t look back.
It will give you a heart attack.
Or maybe a stab in your back.
Don’t listen for foot step,
Apart from your own.
The fear will hold you.
not even time to blink,
Do not think or you hart will sink.
Don’t listen for a sound that’s not their. Just be aware

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Lift The Veil

To the other side of the veil is the reprieve,

To be seen only through a multifaceted sheen

Whose wisdom can only be perceived

By he who understands it's worth

Within the populous' array of dreams.


To walk alone in silent wonder, seeking,

Meek, in humble consent, harkening with clarity,

Not to awaken a misgiving or a calamity,

The veil once lifted, intrepidation and waiting cease,

The joiner exposed, understanding it's crosspiece.





6:07 PM 4/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The art of understanding, listening, patience, and ultimately, wisdom.

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Lost Voice

At least everyone must experience
a muted person,
to be left listening, not talking
and incessantly interrupting
the orchestra of Life's happenings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment

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Robins (Haiku)


Listening to them
chirp after three days of rain
soothing to the soul.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

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Listening to Myself

My thoughts

I'm listening,
listening to myself.
Listening to what I
might have to say.

I hear a voice,
it's telling me,
not to stand out,
to blend into the crowd.

Don't call attention
to yourself.

I try and do
what it is that
this voice is telling me.

Don't do that!
That's not what
I've told you to do!

So I stop,
turn back around,
walk away, mentally,
and keep myself from looking back.

I'm listening to myself,
to what is being said,
but maybe this voice
isn't telling me to do things that are
good for me.

So I take a step back,
and look deep inside.

What I see inside
is a whole different me!

I see one me,
who is huddled in a corner,
reading a book,
and doing her own thing
all by herself.

This little shy me
is wearing a hoodie,
her hood is down,
but her hair is covering her face.

Nearby, I see another me,
who is a few feet away
from the little, shy me.

This me is standing,
in a wide open space.

She has my face,
she has my body,
she has my features,
but isn't dressed like the me I know.

She has a short sleeved shirt on,
shaved and very smooth legs,
with short jean shorts on.

She has her hair down,
but it works on her,
it curls on her face
making her look hot!

But when I try to focus
on what she did, with our hair,
my vision blurrs,
and I can't see the two of me inside of me.

So, all I can do,
is try and be,
the very best me
that I can be!

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I'm Listening to Your Heart <3


I'm listening to your heart,
moving in time to the beat.
It goes bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
and my heart listens and goes,

You're the reason I catch my breath,
as I listen to every word you say.
You're the reason my heart
beats a rhythm against my chest,
returning a song against your own.

The reason I'm wondering,
questioning, searching, believing,
is just because I am
thinking about you,
and what we could be.

I'm listening to your heart,
I can heart the beat,
and if you listen to mine,
you'll see, in due time,
that my beat will answer your questions.

This isn't an easy thing
for me to show,
how much I need you
to be able to know,
how much I think about you.

You asked me a question,
whether I feel the same
way about you
as you express that
you feel for me.

If you'll listen to
the beating of my heart,
you'll hear your answer,
as my heart sings its song,
my, yes I do, feel that way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my love who makes my heart go bum, bum, bu-bum, bum! <3

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