Lost to Sea

light a fire just to watch it burn
Sit across the street with empty hands
Behind a tree unnoticed, so it's not my turn 
I have infinite thoughts, but empty plans

Ending up only to be pretty hollow
Ideas only stay for portion of a second
Echoing through the empty walls. and then comes nothing
Diffusing into the air, to become a forgotten particle
and nothing comes to follow

To set the ominous breeze,
Over the most vibrant sea, that suddenly lost color
and the skies are now gone and dull
They paint the picture to not excite, but simply appease

To be trapped inside this now and empty void
With nothing but everything destroyed
To say that we are fine, and simply avoid
Now we sail, swift onto the large sea of contradictions
Too lost within, that we forget our own convictions
Letting loose the anchor of anxiety, and thus become the restrictions


But this is not the end,
A man aboard throws over his only friend
And a storm rolls in, and then our destination is not known
As realization becomes the new sun, and hearts are turned to stone
A daughter now deserted by her parents is overwhelmed in strife
She whimpers, but can not help wonder what makes up this sickly life
A world where people phase in, and phase out
and thoughts become ideas, and ideas become a shout
and how long does a day go on to stay out and last,
Before awesome expectations become invisible, straight into the past?


Will the ship find it's way to land, or sink in despair?
Great ideas no match for the roaring waves of Negativity and ignorance?
Those striving so long for a real sun, to only be in vain, deprived?
And those hopelessly waiting for relief, to be cruelly concealed, unaware?


The masterpiece of a book now weathered to nothing but scribbles
A great idea now hidden and destroyed by life's cruel riddles
Will the hands be strong at ease to create another inspiration?

Or will it fail to swim over the simplest waves and forget it's own foundation?


the need


to be ugly 


to get





to be pathetic


out of grief


for lives





i've known




with more 









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From Dream to Dream

you have nothing to offer, is all she said
nothing to give, and nothing to love for
a shadow of what she used to see, an image
that cannot brake free, let it stay away from me
don’t haunt me, is what she pleads to the sea
twist and shout, why must it linger within
every doubt, every corner, every lonesome moment
such a vast world, but i see you, only you, always you
you’re that creature that keeps a hold on me
forever a struggle, telling me to fight for thee
sunrise wont come when your names forgotten, a guarantee
this fairytale concludes in our collapse from dust to ashes
don’t want to recall the misery, yet cant escape the flashes
Its a mystery how you wont fade, leaves me ever afraid
we can seek the will to see upon the world unclouded
Its not about what they say is best, or what is right
cannot be true if you listen to someone who is not you
promise you wont be deceiving, don’t put up a wall for them all
we were meant to always rise, to save a life, even if once more we take a fall
there’s no time to hold, be brave, that’s what they told
even if this is our end, don’t sway, I’m always yours, we’ll transcend
happiness comes unexpected when we forget to worry, we just do, so smile and be you
care for them all, the sad and lonely, present and past
they change us, for better and yet sometimes for worse
wont forget their souls, we carry parts of them, will we ever be whole
but remember to not lose sight of who you really are
hope you’ll always stay a shooting star


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Any constructive criticism would be welcome :)

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Dreams begin to end

We dream until we don't
We live until we stop
All these days are now
And now they're not
I live today, tonight, tomorrow
Maybe it'll save me from sorrow
A reality I chose to follow
leads a still life, lost in between
constant cracks throughout my path
Always craving something more
yet held by phantoms that spin me round
They make me nauseous where I'm bound
Unshackle me from there
I do not belong 'round here
Free thyself from these accursed lands
Brake the spell that tie the bands
The world is moving, shifting by
I'm standing without a reason why
nothing more may hold me
I'm really leaving now, goodbye


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Forget these flowers
That refuse to bloom.
Forget these stars
That refuse to shine.

Forget those days
When pain was your life.
Forget those days
When peace was a myth.

Forget all you like,
Promise me this,
You won't forget
To remember.

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Comments Appreciated :)

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My strife filled life

Maybe someday I’ll find the person I’m meant to be

That there’s truly a purpose in life

But for now I’m just trying to live day by day

Through all of this nonsense and strife

I wish that my friends could all see

How the problems and issues and things that they do

Don’t affect only them, also me

Through boyfriends and girlfriends and stupid high school

I’m the one who must remain collected and cool

They tell me their problems

I give them advice

I’m the one with the answers solutions and nice

Things to say about everyone despite my true thoughts

Sometimes their problems tie my heart up in knots.

They need me to be

Strong, understanding me

But I need the same thing from somebody else

But no one is there

So I make my feelings disappear

I don’t share my problems with the friends who share theirs

I probably could but not one of them cares

I wish I could trust them the way they trust me

But I’ve been used and mistreated too often you see

So regardless of trust, love, and belief

I have all this sadness, depression, and grief

These feelings I do so well to hide

They are bottled up and growing inside

I wish I could find a way to get it all out

But I think if I start I think I’ll become like a spout

I’ll cry and cry and no words will be said

But I wish I had someone to hear with their heart not their head

I wish I could tell everyone the way that I feel

That I do have feelings and they are SO real

But instead I live with a faked happy smile

And pretend that I feel like my life is worthwhile

But I often wonder how it would be

If something terrible happened to me

Would anyone notice?

Would anyone care?

Would it only be cause there was an empty chair?

Would anyone feel like something was wrong?

Would anyone notice if I was just gone?

Would they go out looking for me?

Or would they just be upset that the house wasn’t clean?

Or they had no one to talk to when people were mean? 

There are days when I wish I could just go back home

To the people who call me one of their own

Ever since moving I’ve had no real connection

No new friends to share love and affection

But I know if I go back

Everyone would be so used to not having me there

That they would forget about me or just really not care

They have already replaced me

It’s easy to see

They hang out with new friends but I don’t have any

It makes me so sad cause I used to have many

My parents and siblings just don’t understand

There are only two people who do

But they are so busy I don’t see them much but when I do

They just have to say

Three little words

To make everything okay

When they say “I love you”

And hold me so tight

It’s the only thing in this crazy world that feels right

Hugs, kisses, love and understanding are the things that I need

They sink into my heart and they grow like a seed

They grow and they bloom till my heart overflows

With love, understanding, and caring that shows

But sometimes even those hugs, kisses, and love

Cannot lift the dark rain cloud that looms up above

Some days there is nothing that anyone can do

To lift my spirits when I’m feeling blue

I put on a good face and make people think that I’m great

But inside my heart is breaking like a porcelain plate 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first poem. I wrote it because I recently moved from a place that I live for eleven years. I have become depressed and began questioning what the point of life is. I know it's not that great and it probably sounds like rambling. But it is what is on my heart and I had to find a way to get it out. And the way my heart found was poetry.

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It's the color of life.
     My life,
          green grass.
     New life
          seed sprouts.
     Renewed life,
          tree leaves.
It's the color of envy
     My envy,
          of life.
     Your envy,
          of them.
     Everyone's envy
          of stuff.
It's the color of freshness
     My freshness
          clean clothes
     Their freshness
          dirty words
     Earth's freshness,
          new life.
It's the color of movement
     My movement,
          my future.
     Your movement,
          full ahead
     Someone's movement
          beyond reach.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 16: color poem.

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