Timeless (012)


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Unburdened by time 

What's a second?

What's a month?

What's our life?

How sublime


My time with you felt

Not sped up, nor slow

Not feeling exactly

Correct though

Time with you

Feels timeless


No face

To face 

No hands

To handle

Nothing wasted 

Nor both-ends

Burning of the candle


Time to pursue

Never rushed 

Never dallied

Plans to hang

Never hung 

Just rallied



We flit

Feeling free from 

Father Time

Greeted us gayly

Granting gifts

To gather 

At our prime


Time with you 

Feels timeless


Time with you 

Is blissfully






Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is audio for this that I feel prudent to listen to alongside the written word. 

I don't know how, if such an option exists, to upload that audio file to this posting though 

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Painted in the Canvas

Just a thought!
Streaming through a sun swept field, Tethered ballerinas dancing in the wind
Waves of iridescent colors blow across a sea of refracted cotton candy.
Never a sweeter breeze, I could wisp it round a cone and taste it's allure.

As a choreographed ballet sways with balance and perfection, sunlight glistens

through silken shawls while a few lace ribbons float around with the wind.

Natures creations in full bloom, petals fluttering up a wind song as the breeze

whistles through bouquets of timeless beauty. Kneeling at the edge rows,

the wind rustles through my long silky hair; I become part of the symphony.

Immersed in this wondrous creation... I am forever, painted in the canvas.


by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

#1Beauty in a field of flowers

 #2"You're always a part of the picture, sometimes needing a bigger one as you look back."




Enter My Fear

All of the welcoming emotion suddenly dies.
and the darkness shrouds the land in only misery's cries.


Enter grief!
A timeless ocean. 
Trapped of despair, trapped without relief
Enter the moon!
Endless racing of the thoughts.
Including you alone, trapped dead inside an empty room

The dead is holding you stiff once more!
Staring into your eyes, never have you felt so gone before

The time comes again, to pit against all that is you
Will you ever find the part of you that is actually true?

Paint the sky bleak
Consider everything we cannot speak

The one painting with the sun I painted as a child is lost.
Reality has broken the barrier, this is the ultimate cost


I Walk An Endless Road

I walk endless an road

locked into a heavy load

Of these questions and fears

Gripping from it's unreasonable tears


As a car roars by

I look dead into it's light

Wondering where it leads

But just like that it's gone

just like another day

As I wake up to the sun's harsh light


I try not to look back

As I attempt to fill this crack

Of this hurt and wonder

Unstoppable, a storm of rain and thunder


As a car roars by

I look dead into it's light

Wondering where it leads

But just like that it's gone

just like another night

As I stay up to the moon's hypnotic might

Listening with heart

Perfectly Ordinary, this scene of life
Grass and leaves weaving
The moon on the rise

Automaton lungs breathing in
breathing out
As the pen in my hand pours words
like water from a spout
I don't doubt that this world
is uniquely a dream
Recently, I don't doubt much anything
What is there to doubt?

Everything is moving as it always is
yet what makes it seem real
is far from abyss

Subtle breezes greet my ear
Roaring over multiple ambiances
quite near

Water trinkles, voices bloom, the sun tickles, the evening gloom
Seeking love
being kind
oh how it seems......so hard to find
but when I stop
and as I sit
Only then......I see
what I have missed
Always here....Never gone
Awareness now, and forever on.

Loving what is is loving "I".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I felt deeply moved while writing this, and I how you feel moved while reading it.

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Melting Point



When touched



 Lost in gaze



Of golden grace



In a smile



I’m softly floating



Here with you



Written on

December 13, 2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Seven.

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