All For a Dream

How far would you go?

To reach your dreams.

How much of yourself would you forgo?

Split yourself at the seams.

And the family you would forget

Your face they won't recognize

Even yourself, you couldn't see with your own two eyes

Success begets success

At what cost would it take?

You have the work ethic

But love you forsake.


To attain a dream,

sometimes bridges must be burned

let go of everything

to show in life what can be earned.

How many hearts must you break?

To feel so bittersweet.

How much love would you forsake?

To make yourself feel complete.

Perfectionist in mind, worker at heart

Life is always moving

So some place you must start

Resistance will occur

Your loved ones you will defer

Because of a dream of life you prefer

All the poems that you write

All the sleepless nights

The guitar you learn to play

Hours spent each and every day

Yourself might slip away

But this dream you must achieve.


When one becomes so engrossed

In something they desire

To get the most,

You must add kindling to the fire.

All those that dreamt

Put forth work towards those dreams

Even if that meant,

Losing everything.

They knew at one point

If you put your all in, it'd pan out

And even if it didn't, you lived a life without doubt

Whether done out of spite, or because it felt right, or to prove to oneself

Even going as far as putting aside your own mental health.

Those dreams you feel the urge to pursue

So that one day you may feel at home with Big Blue.

No matter the pain or love you've undone

It's all part of this road that you run

If you truly want it, then you mustn't give up the gun.


Years to come, no matter the difficulty or how you feel

Wouldn't you give everything?

To make your dreams become real.



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Lost In An Anxiety Dream

The dream, an early morning awakening.


Past and present merge.


I’m in an unfamiliar place,


Staring at a concrete intersection,


Searching for known landmarks,


Trying to establish which way to go.


Each road leads to confusion.




Echoes of childhood have vanished for ever,


The familiar buildings replaced by office blocks,


And I stand alone by the crossroads, lost and without purpose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have always had a keen interest in dreams and what they tell us. 

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I can imagine the life of a wanderer

Traveling the world with no care

I dream about this lifestyle

But meeting someone like me is rare

I can imagine us fixing up a camper

That we can take cross the land

I dream of the beautiful sunsets

But it seems no one else understands

I can imagine giving everything up

All my material things

I really don’t need anything

I’ll even pass on the ring

I just want adventure

I just want to roam

And I want to find a partner

So I don’t have to do it alone

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(Ain’t It Sad) How Things Turn Out to Be

When I was young,

I was so carefree,

At least that’s how

It seems to me,

Ain’t it sad

How things turn out to be?


Full of hope,

Full of passionate dreams,

A thrilling new world

Lay right before me,

Ain’t it sad

How things turn out to be?


Glass half full,

Then it’s half empty,

My mood can change

So very unpredictably,

Ain’t it sad

 How things turn out to be?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

 (Ain’t It Sad) How Things Turn Out to Be began life as a song, written and recorded in 2016, although, as the lyrics make manifestly clear, it stems from one of my episodic ‘glass half empty’ periods.

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Dreams are wishfull thinking

That everyone needs

That stops us all from sinking

At least so i believe

They take us away from all this shit

No one can deny

But never let your heart commit

To maybe you can fly

Reality comes keen each day

As we open up our eyes

All the cobwebs fall away

relinquishing the prize.

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Dreams and shadows. Fragments chase each other as reality and fiction blur and time loses meaning.


Yesterday becomes confused with the more distant past, and the dead live and eat and talk.


Faces alter, although voices remain true. In a dream, two people can become one.


Dreams. A hidden furnace. Or a peaceful respite.


Important dreams. Less important ones.


Each night, everyone dreams, but only some people remember the dreams.

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Everyone needs a guiding star,

At one point or another in their lives...


The first time I laid my eyes on you,

I knew that there was this -

Profound connection...

Between you life and mine.

I could be your star

And you could be mine.

Together we'll discover what's more

In this vast, dark universe.


I've laid my eyes on you,

And everything is bright and beautiful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c) angeljerlin - Starry night. You are my favorite star.


Nueva Ecija, Philippines

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Death of Infatuation

Light and Dark

I've never seen an angel bleed

Till I stood with knife in hand

I've never seen a devil cry

Till I looked once through it's eyes


You were my drug

Long before I acclimated

Long before withdrawal

I needed you to survive


I can feel your eyes on my back

Can't you hear me?

I'm silent on the outside

But screaming on the inside

I'm soul-lost

I can't find who I am anymore


Maybe I'll be fine

Perhaps I will survive

But I just don't know if

I can outlast your memory


If I lose myself in drugs and dreams

Or fly away to places and things

To fill the gap you left behind

Consuming body, soul, and mind


But there is no need

To conjure dreams

When life comes

In such radiant colors


They say Pandora is to blame

Her curiosity brought us pain

And fear of darkness in the night

But there was hope in candle-light


From the dark, a light will shine

Before the day, the night has gone

And now we know it burns so fine

That is why it's called, breaking dawn.


And maybe, just maybe

That which dies gives birth to something new


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Needs a better title

error... error... does not compute christmas

Error..error.. happy Christmas?.. does not Compute…

By jfarrell


(happy xmas, seasons greetings to all)


The time for cheer…

The time for goodwill and happiness to all people…

A time for miracles?…



Xmas is a time for families;

Xmas is a time for friends;


….…error!.. alert!…. error……. error…….. does not compute…… error…



Sorry, my bad, I forgot….

Just said ‘goodbye’ to my only friends…

And as for family…..

My sister DID phone me….

This year…..


When I started writing poetry…

And it upset her…

Stuff she’s already got over (?)

I bringing it all up again…



….Alert!… warning… programming malfunction….



The birth of Jesus…

The birth of Salvation…


….alert! Alert! Malfunction! Alert!…



….(…. feeling a big kick up it’s ass…

The slug climbs up….

Into light, out of the ear lobe….


And heads for water…..


The biggest mass of moisture…

In the universe….

Jim’s gob!…..


With all the survival instincts of a dying virus…

Slug jumps and head dives into Jim’s gob…



Good sir, please, what is today?

Why, it’s Christmas Day, sir….

Oh! Bless you, holy devout sire…

… I nearly missed it…



I’ve lived and relived my christmasses past..

And my last….

Never noticed em like the 30 before

Drunk from my birthday and slept through them…..




Choking and gagging…

Slug dives….

… and explodes…

…in a multitude of poisons…


“Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun….

“Should old acquaintance be for got….?


Emergency reboot!…..


Tick, whirrr, tick, tick, sludge…….dead!




….whirrrr…tick… whir….



…black screen….


[ Start up protocols….

[press 1….

[press 2 …

[press…. ]






…. So here it is…






Author's Notes/Comments: 

merry xmas all

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