Faith is a strange thing...


doubt still

controls and betrays

faith stands strong

as we sway

I've been loving on it

for several years

and living

 as I count the ways

of blessings


Partout du bleu, rien ne bouge

Rien n'importe, tout s'éloigne

Plus bas coule un jeune homme vêtu de rouge,

Qui serre une écharpe dans sa poigne


Plus profond. Les yeux bleus pâle se ferment.


Il revoit pourtant son sourire.

L'apparition s'approche, le souvenir germe

Comme au premier jour, il la revoit rire


Plus profond. Une lente torpeur s'installe


Il pleut. Sous une ombrelle, deux amoureux

Sous le manteau le coeur cavale

Timidement ils échangent un baiser, puis deux.


Plus profond. Au loin, une toute petite lueur.


Les ténèbres grandissent. Il n'a pas peur.

Les spectrent disparaissent, c'est l'heure.

Il la revoit rire.


Plus profond.


Loin du noir, loin du silence

On ouvait apercevoir avec les vagues en pleine danse

Un vieux foulard tout flétri


Plus profond, quelqu'un sourit.

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Là dans la brume la bataille s'accélère

Dans sa lutte marc s'écroule dans la poussière

Consommé par une force meurtrière


Ses forces le quittent, il défaille.

Mais du désespoir jaillit la volonté.

Le jeune soldat songe à sa fille


Il se relève pour elle, il tombera pour elle

Mais par un coup de vent il chancelle

Ses ailes brisées d'une balle dans la poitrine.


Il murmure son prénom; "Eline"

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A l'abri de l'homme, dans un petit sous-bois

Au dessus de la mare et sous le chant des oiseaux

Virevolte un papillon dans l'air chaud 

Qui sans lui ne serait qu'un palais sans roi


De mille couleurs, répandant sa poudre dorée 

De sa danse enchantée, une valse de toute beauté

Ses ailes, fragiles paupières 

Décorent de somptueux motifs la clairière 


Mis en extase par le prince des vents

Les rayons solaires pleuvent, arrêtent le temps

Et sur deux fins miroirs naissent mille étincelles 


Vraie poudre de fée, cette pluie argentée

Nous badigeonne le coeur d'un sentiment; le bonheur 

Et nous impose de pronomcer deux mots sacrés

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In This Languid Afternoon

In this languid afternoon,

I could be slipping

In the soft mattress

With the smell of Saturday night,

But my thoughts are wallowing

Unto a distant sight

Of you,

Tuckin’ in an ironed shirt,

Brushing some strands of hair

To a date

I could only use a bet

To wish I was the girl,

Who could suffuse 

To the spell

Of your smell


On your skin;

The girl who gapes

At the look,

Which I just traced

In my fingers

through an air,


As it is surreal.

Those are the things 


As they seether

In my broken head.

I couldn’t pretend


And anymore

That they are not there;

That you were an arm’s length.

To the girl

Who chuckles at your jest

In a dinner 

I could just dream


I have been fallin’

And tossin’;


Beatin’ badly

And turning

To a bed

Since I knew him,


When I run thoughts of him.

You see,

I better be changing the sheets,

Chasing the tunnel fading

Before another girl would leap

Across my soundless sleep.







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Be A Friend

Be A Friend




Be a channel of strength
Through the power of prayer

When you’re silent
Sometimes we complain and lament
Be a channel of strength
Lord grant us patience


Give us peace
In times of toil
Be a channel of strength
Make us captives loyal

In times of doubt and fear
Draw us near
Be a channel of strength
Through the power of prayer

When you’re silent
Sometimes we complain and lament
Be a channel of strength
Lord grant us patience

I Am Never Alone

You’ve done it again. You’ve done it again, mate.

You went back on your word when you promised you’d stick with me in the long run.

Even if our passion moved far too quickly at first.

Before it simmered down to give us time to intercept our demons.


It should’ve been the other way around.

In an age where I can’t see your face nor can I hold your hand,


It’s become a force of habit that I wish I could stop partaking in.

I love too quickly because I am a freak scared of being molded into something I’m not.


Regardless of my desire, I still have to know what goes on in your own life.

That either excites you, scares you, angers you, saddens you, and soothes you.


I’d have to appreciate you before my infatuation gets the better of me and it evolves into love.

I never planned to stop caring even after finding out your weight was dangerously high.


I was reassured that you planned to take care of yourself, but you never knew that.

You didn’t know what to do nor what to say when I didn’t find out about your size sooner.


You didn’t want to shove me away, but you did.

You didn’t want to hurt me, but you did.


You said you were interested in me, but you weren’t.

You said you weren’t in it for short-term happiness, but you were.


All because you turned your back on me when I was willing to keep you tight regardless.

You are such a damn fraud that vies for a sugar bowl that I am fighting tirelessly to keep.


How many sorries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I could let you know when you get it to turn on.

But how can I notify you if you severed ties with me?

Since you ran away, an apology is as empty as your soul.


You turned out to be just like your exes and here I am, telling you, “Fuck your love quest.”

It’s not like you’re going to take it again anytime soon nevertheless.


Lonely pieces of crap only want to love when they wish for an early death.

Were you trying to gasp for air when the ocean took away your breath?


If you’re still wondering why you’ll never find love, I’ve got bad news for you.

The way you made my heart beat for you until you made a crack in it is the answer to your question.


You may never know this about me because I don’t always realize it myself.

But when I embrace a soul whose loyalty and compassion is unbreakable,


I realize that I am never alone.

They may face obstacles and heartaches of their own, but they never let them tear them apart.


One day, I’ll find love of my own and I continue to pray that it will be as true as my friendships.

What a shame that you’ll never see that I am never alone.

Alienate Beloved


There is silence in the world

Since we didn't said farewell;

And your beauty with an alien speech

An alien tale would tell.


There is silence in the world,

Which is not peace nor quiet;

Nyarlathotep; a golden heart

Ever I seek to flee therefrom,

While I belong with Thee,

And walk the ways of the riot.


But when I hear the music moan

In rooms of thronging laughter,

A serpent-tongued demon drives me forth,

And silence follows after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A love poem for Nyarlathotep.



Sweet Nyarlathotep, when our love is never done;

appearing to me when I did call.

Please tell me you never be gone,

don’t break my heart at all...


These fearful nightmares,

the road to terror and beyond.

Loving your most precious words,

that made us twain, that made us One.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love poem for Nyarlathotep.