A Hammer Seeking a Nail


Well, he was a hammer seeking a nail;

She was a sweet girl, precious and frail.

It seemed like a mismatch — one forged in hell;

But strange things occur when love casts its spell.

He was hot-tempered, but she soothed his soul.

Soon they were working toward the same goal.

He would protect her from all of life's ills —

She knew there'd be thrills, and maybe some spills.

He could be violent, but never with her.

Locked safe in his arms, love's passions did stir.

He, a rough diamond, and she, a smooth pearl.

Attraction was strong for this boy and girl.

We all know that love can often be blind;

A curious occurrence, blighting mankind.

But sometimes these things are just meant to be;

We may call it fate, or true destiny.

No longer a hammer, seeking a nail,

The boy wed the girl, and here ends my tale!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2018

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes the most unlikely love affairs defy the odds and succeed.

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I Am...


The dark side of your harvest moon;

The song of love that's sung too soon,

Although it's sung for you.

The last bus home, that you've just missed;

The fading dream when lovers kissed,

For love can be untrue.

The wind that whistles in the wires;

The smoke that rises from the fires

To vanish in the air.

The letter, read, then thrown away;

The stone, unturned, beside the way.

But life is rarely fair.

The hill to climb, that's much too steep;

The waters, still, but far too deep;

The gambit you declined.

The captive bird that you set free;

The driftwood on the open sea.

Yes, fate can be unkind.

All of this I am, and more;

The nearly man outside your door —

I am... I am... I am.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The photograph is a kind of self-portrait: I held the tiny leaf in my left hand and took the picture with my right hand, using my Fuji compact camera.

Dumb Real Love


Catch mistakes for you

almost as fast as they said I’d catch feelings

I scoff even as I’m sinking


I make up the words

that everyone has already made up before,

scratched on railroad tracks on the worst best days,

waiting for luck

waiting for her

waiting for something to change


I make up the words

and spin them into a black hole

of dumb real love


they mold me into

some kind of well-rehearsed tragedy

I unfollow your footsteps

but make up the same words again


I show them to your star

ask her

what does that make me

she whispers

dumb real love


this is how I know I have fallen

and if I can’t write a song about it

there are so many other reasons to remember

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/30/20

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The Ones Between Us


I'd know you if I saw you,

Although we've never met.

I see the ones between us,

With more to come, I'll bet!

Love is such a dismal dance

Without you in my arms.

I date the ones between us,

Whilst dreaming of your charms!

Each day I hope I'll find you,

But so far, not so good.

I meet the ones between us,

And not you, like I should!

I know that you are out there,

And closer every day.

Right now the ones between us

Are getting in the way!

I'd really love to meet you,

But when will that day be?

It seems the ones between us

Are hiding you from me!

True love is all I ask for;

To share my life with you.

Some day the ones between us

Will disappear from view!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020



Dark Love

My heart in my hands,

A previous love took it from my chest,

Shattered it with their cold cruelty,

I sit there covered in blood,

A hole in my chest,

Tears falling from my eyes,

Sparkling in the light like crystals,

I dodged a bullet,

You never loved me,

I lost my mind,

I gave you my heart,

You shattered it,

I feel a hand on my cheek,

Wiping away my tears,

You sit beside me,

Kiss the pieces of my heart,

I watch as they change colour,

Red to blue to purple,

A deep dark amethyst colour,

It fuses like a precious gem,

Each crack becomes a facet,

There is something different about it,

You take my hand in yours,

Hold it to your chest,

Your heart skips a beat,

You tell me that part of you is infused with it,

But your heart belongs to another,

I can feel it beating faintly,

My stomach knots,

Bile rising and burning,

Toxic and hot,

I felt like I was rising from the ashes,

When you came along it stopped hurting,

Until it hurt once more,

I know it is only temporary,

Chipped and broken my heart lays once again in my hands,

I want to throw it away,

I cant live without it,

I dont want to lose you,

I feel deeply attached to you,

Ash falls from the sky,

Smooth and silky to the touch,

Warm and comforting,

I need to sleep,

I need to breathe,

I need you.

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Your Eyes

Your eyes

   are bluer than the skies

      of summer. They shine more brightly

         than heavenly stars that sparkle nightly.

No finer line

   could ever define

      a shape more perfect in design.

         One look and I'm enraptured —


They have the power to hypnotise —

   your lovely eyes!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 1996

***          ***          ***          ***

For my wife






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was a regional winner in the National Poetry Anthology competition of the United Kingdom for 2010. Three entries were selected from each region. My region was West Yorkshire, with a population of well over two million, and I was naturally delighted to learn of my win. However, after reading the forms I was obliged to sign, granting the publishers the right to publish my poem, I decided not to sign, and I withdrew my poem! By signing, I would retain full copyright, but the publishers clearly expected me to buy at least one copy of the anthology and I refused to do this. If my poem was to be published, I wanted it to make me a little money, not cost me money! The only poet to make any money out of the venture was the overall national winner, who received £1,000 in cash plus a handsome trophy to keep for life. All the other regional winners received no royalties at all!

When the publication came out, I was astonished to receive a free copy, even though my poem was not in it (I had, of course, refused them permission to publish it). My poem was replaced by that of a woman from Leeds. Even though I unexpectedly received a free book, I still think I made the right decision, and I have not submitted any poem for possible publication since. I may self-publish a selection of my poetry one day, but then again, probably not.

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Short love quotes - what to know about them?

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Back To You

The girl on the corner is flashing her legs.

The drunk at the station is down to the dregs.

I try not to answer each question that begs,

And I long for a train back to you.

The platform is crowded, with nowhere to sit.

It's dingy and draughty, and quite badly lit.

But I'll bide my time here and put up with it,

As I wait for a train back to you.

My nights have been empty without you to hold.

I've felt lost and lonely, if truth must be told;

And these city streets are not paved with gold,

So I'm taking a train back to you.

The man in the mirror is no friend of mine;

He's balding and puffy, and talks out of line.

He followed me here with a bottle of wine,

And we're boarding a train back to you!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2019




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Love Used To Live Here

Love used to live here in this house,

but it never looked happy. It spent

most of its time hiding in the cupboards

or under the bed. When it did come out

it was busy bouncing off the walls.

Then one day it found the door left

slightly open and it was out of here.

We saw it go, skipping across the fields.

I don't suppose we really tried to stop it,

but it was always too tricky for us anyway.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2010