Love is when my pinkie finger is sore


from trying to turn the pages of my book by itself

because you were asleep and had

stolen the other one

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Written 1/16/20

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All Of Me And More


she whispers

what could be as lonely as loud

so I keep breathing


tell me

you know where I live

you know what I’m thinking

when we can’t see above the clouds


and so these words

are the best thing you have

to know me


should I shout them

when no one has asked


because somehow I have made them

into something different than me

and let them go into your windstorm

pull the chemicals back from the fray


I give you all of me

and then I give you this


so I still write for you

because of all the world

you are the one holding my heartstrings

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Written 12/22/19

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The Essence of My Thoughts

I don’t know you!

I don’t want to know you!

But I have to if I need to know why you loathe strangers like no tomorrow.

I’m a curious boy so I can’t stop poking my nose into the mess you made.


There’s a girl who lives in the British Isles.

She doesn’t know you!

You don’t want to know her!

Yet, you cut her open and call the cops on her so they can cure her wounds.


That is no accident. You fractured her soul on purpose and pretend it’s her fault.

Where is your humanity? Are you even human at all?

Who are you to call yourself an advocate for world peace?

So I say fuck your agenda. Your stupidity can't trick me into turning against the girl.


Just because the fire you started ain’t my business doesn’t mean I can’t chime in.

When a maiden as kind and sweet as she is in danger, it is everyone’s business.

Why do you claim to be in favor of equal rights when you have blood on your hands?

A good activist must always be a good pacifist. Never are their words used to perpetrate murder.


Who’s going to stand by you when the gravity of your actions come crashing down on you?

Who’s going to shelter you when the people you speak up for want nothing to do with you?

Who’s going to survive when your puppet shows concludes?

When you drop the mic that’s rigged with a bomb that blew up the city?


Look what you’ve done!! Look what you’ve done!! Look what you’ve done!!

You didn’t wake up to smell the roses that were painted by the blood spilt from your casualties.

The lone survivor is the girl who came close to death and there you are, continuing to break her.

You’d rather be comforted by your ego than brace yourself for the consequences of your miscalculation.


You don’t know the people you’re hurting as well as you think you do.

I pray now that the girl who survived the bombing buys an enchanted shield to keep you away from her.

My hypothesis is that nobody important in your life taught you that karma is a vindictive boomerang.

I’m not known for being a social butterfly, but I know an incredibly deadly viper when I see one.

Cross My Heart

Cross my heart

And hope to live

Long enough

To father your kids

And if I die

Before you wake

Know that you're

My forever mate

And in the distance

That twinkling star

Is me watching over you

From afar 

And all the roses

That once were red

That now lay wilting

And 12 years dead

Don't let their presence

Make you feel blue

For they're a reminder

Of my love for you

So pain pain

Go away

We will meet again

One joyous day

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A Lost Star

Torn Love

All I ever wanted was to talk to you,

Make you laugh and smile,

I never thought I would feel this way,

Your smile is brighter than the sun,

Your hugs are warm and comforting,

Your body temperature is like magma,

I longed to make you happy,

Promised each other we would always be there,

Something stirred deep inside,

Like waking a long sleeping dragon,

Feeliongs started to surface,

I wouldnt let you go,

I couldnt let you go,

You felt like the night sky,

Held my heart when it was breaking,

I tried to hold yours,

Keep you happy,

You helped me heal when times were hard,

I trusted you implicitly,

I gave you all I had,

Just to make you smile,

Just to make you happy,

Just to be your friend,

Im sorry that I wasnt good enough,

Im sorry that I cared,

I hate what has become of us,

The rift in between,

I feel as far away form you as Pluto,

At the furthest orbital point,

You took my heart and broke it,

You did the one thing I asked you not to,

You burnt bridges we had built,

You destroyed my happiness,

Hurt me in ways I never thought possible,

I want to forgive you,

Because I care,

Im jsut not sure I can,

I let you in,

Deep inside me,

I miss your touch,

I miss the sparkle in your eyes,

I miss your smile,

I miss you,

I feel like a dying Star,

Energy that has been expended too quickly,

Rapidly cooling and diminishing,

Solidifying from the outside in,

Fading from something bright,

Becoming part of the darkness,

A solid lump of nothingness.


Te Amo in Aeternum,

Because I have no choice,

Because I cant help it,

Because Im human and I hurt.

A Fallen Star

Torn Love

I only wish you know,

How much I loved you,

Right from the beginning,

The impact you made when you landed,

From high above,

You fell so far,

Never losing your shine,

The first time I laid eyes on you,

The darkness staring back at me,

We danced and danced,

Orbited each other,

Complementary and clashing,

A comet passed by,

Obscuring the vision,

Leaving a trail of dust and debris,

You fell to earth,

I held you in my arms,

Breathed life into your fading embers,

I gave you my trust,

I thought I had yours,

You exploded in my hands,

Tore me to shreds,

Ripped my heart out,

Left me bleeding and alone,

If you only knew,

How much I had loved you.

Beyond Cupid

The neighborhood sleeps robustly…charmingly.



I sit quietly
utterly breathlessly.


Listening sadly to the inveterate, rasping wheeze
and pensively perceiving the impelling,

piercing eagerness


of my dismal, labored breath

Constrained to stay put, there is little I can do
but to repeatedly browse through
a raft of 'get-well' messages
which have consistently traversed
across your sedulous time-tables

surmounting the bustling maze

through the capricious world-wide-web.

I think of you and your caressing ways-

Your determined thriving to bolster me

through my trance-like medicated days;

planting a flimsy little flicker

to my dead-pan face.


This bantam lightweight note intends to modestly denote:

♔ my incalculable gratefulness for your unqualified wishes




♔ sportive acquiescence to my maiden experience

of loving your love


quixotic and so cogently beyond
the most adept shot of the Cupid's arrow.

© Chandra S, 2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by good wishes from afar.

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Draw Your Pen

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.


What’s wrong? What’s the matter?

Are you alright? Please talk to me, okay?


Did you lose your home again?

Are your parents disowning you?

I’m here for you only if you let me in.


I cannot guide you, but I will be along for the ride.

They cannot put strings on you forever

If you find the scissors to cut them.

Your passions are only for you to decide.


Life on Earth could end tomorrow so why the fuck are you wasting your time?

You were born for adventure so you might as well draw your pen.


Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.


There’s one thing that you need to know;

It’s to always keep an open mind.

You will possess such beautiful magic

If you would only take a chance.


The universe is so much bigger than we realize.

The sun will not last forever. It’s just a fireball that can burn out.

Marine life is going extinct and it’s all our fault.


Life on Earth could end tomorrow so why the fuck are you wasting your time?

You were born for adventure so you might as well draw your pen.


Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.




they say

when someone cries

you can feel it in your heart.

they’re lying

I feel it everywhere.


I live in shadows

when your face is too red

to turn on the light.


my core catches red

when you catch my eye.

my legs feel you stumbling.


this book is filled with words

you have forgotten writing

in the hours that belong to

liquid escape,

my fingers finding a dance floor on yours,

half-awake second chances.

maybe that’s why

I don’t make it easy to open.


I swear I don’t just feel it in my chest when you leave,

it’s like something in my bones

has been rebuilt

they remember your kiss as

not just a now

but a memory

a tomorrow,

I am tearing apart

skin that has turned to glass

I am crumbling.


lemons and oxygen

kickstart my brain,

swing it in circles

but I can’t let it out

through a skull already cracked.


they say

when the seasons change

when the ground shakes

you can feel it in your heart.

but isn’t a heart all of you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/16/19

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