Monthly Archive for August 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
There Is A Price To Be Saved Poem sidebot Comedy/Humor Aug 9th
Poison Pie Poem sidebot Comedy/Humor Aug 9th
"Free" Poem The1TrueMojo Word Play Aug 9th
"Cloan Ny Moyrn" Poem The1TrueMojo Aug 9th
More then a friend Poem triplehhh Bittersweet Aug 9th
Too Much Poem triplehhh Acceptance Aug 9th
The Learning Process Poem twisted_reality42 Other Aug 9th
Brillant Poem Letty467 Acceptance Aug 9th
I see you Poem yaramo Aug 9th
__ Just you__ Poem alihekal Aug 10th
Daring not to Dream Poem angelicgothfurry Aug 10th
of silver chairs and knights unfair/WWN/8/9/06/1137pm Poem catherine 2 Aug 10th
Clean and Anew Poem Megsamoo00 1 Awakening Aug 10th
Babies, Not Bombs Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Aug 10th
Shooting Star Poem deadpoet986 Aug 10th
blamestaking Poem dhoomedprincess Lost love Aug 10th
Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima Poem eyesofsociety Aug 10th
My Little World Poem greenmeadow love Aug 10th
Insomnia (Or Something Like It) Poem jwc82490 love Aug 10th
How can I tell you? Poem kitty love Aug 10th
The China Doll (Poetic Version) Poem lilwinky Folklore Aug 10th
Dedication to Terrell Pough, A Daddy Poem lilwinky Devotion Aug 10th
The Witch in the Forest..... Poem lilwinky Short Story Aug 10th
Dear U.S Soldiers.... Poem lilwinky Military/Patriotism Aug 10th
YOU WILL NEVER WIN!!! Poem lilwinky Protest Aug 10th
The Fairy Garden Poem lilwinky Fantasy/Magic Aug 10th
DADDY........ Poem lilwinky Devotion Aug 10th
Letters etc...To the Vietnam Vets' Wall. Poem lilwinky Military/Patriotism Aug 10th
The Blogger... Poem lilwinky Life/Living Aug 10th
I Became A Cat..... Poem lilwinky Imagery Aug 10th
THREE JAZZ MICE Poem lilwinky Imagery Aug 10th
`Greasy Spoon` Poem mack619 Aug 10th
SATISFACTION DISPLACEMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 10th
THE EYES OF THE PEN Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 10th
:*( Bloody River Of Tears :*( Poem poetvg Aug 10th
:*( Miserabley Wasted *:*( Poem poetvg Aug 10th
So Incredible Poem schrammie Acceptance Aug 10th
عمر الفرّا: هؤلاء رجال الله.. Poem tariqasrawi Aug 10th
Why We Worship God Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 10th
Help Me Get Home Poem wisdomscry Aug 10th
(*07) Emily's Hero Poem yellowspecks 2 Aug 10th
walls created by insecurities Poem youthofsociety08 confusion Aug 10th
Gone Like That Poem adamrice Goodbye Aug 11th
Armor of God Poem alisonsailer 1 Aug 11th
Simply Friendship Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
Tribute to Mentors Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
Let Me Weep Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
O Wooden Sundial Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
Ode to the Seagull Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
The Artist Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
The Vendetta Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
Viking Rabbits Poem alisonsailer Aug 11th
No Tears Tonight Poem Juliet8 Aug 11th
Animal Crackers Poem crimsongirl Comedy/Humor Aug 11th
Repeat Poem crimsongirl Angst Aug 11th
Samhain Returns Poem dblackthorne Holidays Aug 11th
One wing angel Poem geneconner2008 Aug 11th
The night Poem geneconner2008 Aug 11th
YOU DONT KNOW HOW iT FEELS Poem Shellysweetness 1 Aug 11th
SHE SCREAMS Poem Shellysweetness 1 Aug 11th
August 2006 Poem humanpulse 1 Aug 11th
Your Name Poem jaela 1 Aug 11th
'06 Just a Thought Poem Joel Aug 11th
~THE MAN OF MY DREAMS: ~ Poem juggalettebabi2005 Aug 11th
Morning Glory Poem lillep Abstract Aug 11th
Artificial Poem Anonymous Aug 11th
`Tokyo` Poem mack619 Decisions Aug 11th
Everly Unsettling Evenrude & The Backwards Two-Timing Backstabbers Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 11th
Fork With British Being Sistiments Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 11th
Diabolically Miming Ethereal Long Division as if Logical Poem merkaba11 Existence Aug 11th
Ambiguously Deciding Whether Or Not To Poke Far Into The Rembrandt!!! Of What's Going On Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 11th
Biblically Paralyzed & Deputized in the Laughternoon Poem merkaba11 Aug 11th
Decibal Decimal Point Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 11th
Without you Poem Nate Aug 11th
Just an epic story Poem Nate Aug 11th
Another lost melody Poem Nate Aug 11th
A LIFETIME OF STAIRS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 11th
a day is a day Poem ruth_x_less Aug 11th
mr good DraWers Poem significance_of_2 Sexual Aug 11th
So Many Just Don’t Know Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 11th
the court of the twelve trees Poem voighdt Abstract Aug 11th
ظˆط­ط¯ظٹ ظ…ط¹ ظ†ط¬ظˆظ… ط§ظ„ظ„ظٹظ„ ظˆط§ظ„طµظ…طھ ط Poem alihseen Aug 12th
ظ†ظ‚ط§ط¨ط© ط§ظ„ظپظ†ط§ظ†ظٹظ† ظپظٹ ظ†ظٹظ†ظˆظ‰ طھظ Poem alihseen Aug 12th
ظ†ط¯ظˆط© ط¹ظ† ط§ظ„ظ…ط®ط¯ط±ط§طھ ظˆط³ظˆط، ط§ط³طھط®ط¯ Poem alihseen Aug 12th
ظ†ط§ط¯ظٹ ط§ظ„ظ…ظˆطµظ„ ط¨ظƒط±ط© ط§ظ„ظ‚ط¯ظ… ط§ظ„ظ Poem alihseen Aug 12th
ط´ط±ظƒط© ط§ط¯ظˆظٹط© ظ†ظٹظ†ظˆظ‰ طھط¹ظ‚ط¯ ظ…ط¤طھظ…ط Poem alihseen Aug 12th
//////ط¯ط§ط¦ط±ط© ط¬ظˆط§ط²ط§طھ ظ†ظٹظ†ظˆظ‰ \\\\\ Poem alihseen Aug 12th
Appeal .... 12Aug06 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Aug 12th
ط­ظƒط§ظٹط© ط§ظ„ظ†طµط± ط§ظ„ظ…ظ†ظ‡ط²ظ… Poem bakri Aug 12th
ط­ظƒط§ظٹط© ط§ظ„ظ†طµط± ط§ظ„ظ…ظ†ظ‡ط²ظ…... Poem bakri Aug 12th
Woe unto those that do not use their clout Poem blumentopf 1 Aug 12th
RAIN Poem cherry_blossom 1 Aug 12th
Shooting Star Love Poem firre_inside Aug 12th
عنقود الكهرمان .... مجموعة قصصية Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Aug 12th
حب و رعب Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Aug 12th
حاورها: الشاعر الليبي محمد القذافي Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Aug 12th
عنقود الكهرمان.. ثالوث الحرب والوطن والحب....بقلم : ايمان Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Aug 12th
حقيبة سفر Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Aug 12th
Green Ferry Poem ilzdomain Drugs Aug 12th
The lights are off Poem ilzdomain death Aug 12th
Bed Poem ilzdomain death Aug 12th
the happiest day of my life Poem jessima Aug 12th
Terrors and Mirrors Poem lillep Abstract Aug 12th
Miel Poem mrurbansoul Hidden Love Aug 12th
Hey daddy got e-mail Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 12th
Power outage Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 12th
THE WALL OF THIS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 12th
CODE OF EXPECTATION Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 12th
* Honey Lovin * Poem poetvg 1 Aug 12th
:*( Tainted :*( Poem poetvg Aug 12th
:*( Numb :*( Poem poetvg Aug 12th
Fenwood Stride Poem simonanderson Aug 12th
Enhancing Your Prayers Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 12th
Your Love and the Ocean Poem yaramo Aug 12th
a journey i don't not know/fight what you are taught/ WRN?1134am/su/11/13/06 Poem catherine Aug 13th
WRN?su/11:37pm/8/13/06 Poem catherine Aug 13th
Defining Love Poem emadjav Aug 13th
Art of War Poem followinlove War Aug 13th
I thought we was going Poem geneconner2008 Aug 13th
I will be there Poem geneconner2008 Aug 13th
Tax Tenor Drink Fib in Hypnotic Culture Poem jgupta Aug 13th
Signing Off. Poem juliothegreat Aug 13th
Wooden Windows Poem juliothegreat Aug 13th
controle Poem kaibabe88 Dark Love Aug 13th
misery Poem kaibabe88 Anger NonViolent Aug 13th
i feel nothing Poem kaibabe88 Depression Aug 13th
kai's back Poem kaibabe88 Anger Violent Aug 13th
would you? could you? Poem kaibabe88 confusion Aug 13th
Wacky Toebacky Poem lillep Abstract Aug 13th
A Lost Love Poem ninesevenoh4 Aug 13th
"when christmas comes early" Poem oh_so_odd Aug 13th
No excuse Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 13th
I Wish (I Do) Poem poetictragedy000 Aug 13th
Together Poem poetictragedy000 Aug 13th
:*( Hollow :*( Poem poetvg 1 Aug 13th
Summer Poem ralphtheunicorn Human Nature Aug 13th
patriotism Poem somefatguy Aug 13th
Ahmir and the Solitary Horse (part 2) Poem thekirby Abstract Aug 13th
wishbone does not equl back bone/WWR?625pm/m/8/14/06 Poem catherine Aug 14th
Unfamiliar You Poem Megsamoo00 Abstract Aug 14th
I'm Sick Of Being Sick Poem Megsamoo00 Cancer/Illness Aug 14th
I Will Die Poem cherry_blossom Aug 14th
WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 14th
LOVE'S MAZE Poem chris love Aug 14th
Not Me Poem crimsongirl Acceptance Aug 14th
Status Unknown Poem crimsongirl Acceptance Aug 14th
intent Poem doyle51209 1 Aug 14th
Deepening Poem emadjav Aug 14th
My Hero Poem fighter4life Heroism/Heroes Aug 14th
I use to not show Poem geneconner2008 Aug 14th
CENTURIES BACK IN TIME Poem heavensunrise Aug 14th
DIAMONDS IN MY TENT Poem heavensunrise 1 Abstract Aug 14th
SHARE MY DREAMS Poem heavensunrise 2 Abstract Aug 14th
My Sweet Death Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 death Aug 14th
ROUGH Poem hiddenpoetess000 3 Aug 14th
Fuck Me Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 Aug 14th
Felicitations on Independence Day Poem jgupta Aug 14th
belong Poem kayspoems 1 Aug 14th
Our Masterpiece Poem master_of_shred 1 Aug 14th
My tender heart Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 14th
What is a friend? Inspired by a poem in titled Friends Vs Acquaintances.,, Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 14th
HAUNTED STAR (LUKE'S STAR) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 14th
THE SLAP AND THE STING Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 14th
INDEFINATE DENIAL Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 14th
THE FLAME'S EYES Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 14th
Held at gunpoint Poem randyjohnson 1 Heroism/Heroes Aug 14th
That dog never hurt anybody Poem randyjohnson 1 Anger NonViolent Aug 14th
Deception Poem randyjohnson Other Aug 14th
Second chance Poem randyjohnson Other Aug 14th
till my jaw got sore Poem shesmybabybear Aug 14th
love ten fold Poem snaps 2 love Aug 14th
Is there rebirth? Poem tonfa_wielder 3 sadness Aug 14th
Are You Growing? Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 14th
Just a couple of explanations and Rants Poem Letty467 Commentary Aug 14th
Music Antidote Poem Letty467 1 Music/Musician Aug 14th
I loved you so much Ian! Poem Letty467 1 love Aug 14th
SHE HAS LOVED ME Poem TeagueLChesed Aug 15th
wwr/121pm/15/08/06 Poem catherine Aug 15th
Read You, Talk Me Poem cozzy20000 1 Aug 15th
*Everyone's Fault But You* Poem crimsonangel Anger NonViolent Aug 15th
I Like a Boy Poem crimsongirl 1 Hidden Love Aug 15th
Memories Poem emerald_eyes 1 Betrayal Aug 15th
~Summer-time Dancin~ Poem feyfire13 Aug 15th
Working things out Poem geneconner2008 Aug 15th
ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS Poem heavensunrise 1 Aug 15th
ejaculate envy of a fallen soldier Poem jasinraymond Awakening Aug 15th
the silented blurriness of frosted angel wings Poem jasinraymond Escapism Aug 15th
What I'm meant for Poem juliothegreat Aug 15th
i just want you to know.. Poem kaibabe88 Happiness Aug 15th
love is pain,pain is normal,normal is sane... Poem kaibabe88 Depression Aug 15th
pain ...... again ......... and again Poem kayspoems Aug 15th
BECAUSE HE CARES Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 15th
~I.S.A.W.I.P.C.O.G.T.M.L.B~ Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 15th
HERE I AM ASKING GOD AGAIN Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 15th
LOVING YOU THIS MUCH Poem ladydp2000 romance Aug 15th
NIGHT OF LOVE AND PASSION Poem ladydp2000 love Aug 15th
Echoes Poem lioninwinter68 Aug 15th
ALL THE WEIGH Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 15th
THE OFF FORM OF ON Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 15th
DIGBY PAINTER PRIDE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 15th
THE SHOVEL AND THE GUILT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 15th
ONE OVER TWO Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 15th
You don't want to go to Hell Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Aug 15th
I Wish Poem ravenlove Betrayal Aug 15th
i Cast this spell Poem ravenlove Spirituality Aug 15th
Life Poem ravenlove Abstract Aug 15th
what do i do Poem ravenlove love Aug 15th
Pain Poem ravenlove Pain/Sorrow Aug 15th
True love doesn't exist Poem ravenlove 3 Lost love Aug 15th
Depression Poem ravenlove Breaking Up Aug 15th
Powerful Beginning Poem smartalec Aug 15th
New House Jam Poem spacecase Aug 15th
Higher Ground Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 15th
The Dinosaur Poem blumentopf 1 Aug 16th
TOSP Poem cathycavalcante Tributes/Odes Aug 16th
RICE KRISPIES Poem chris Children Aug 16th
Relapse Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Memories Aug 16th
Give Up Poem dhoomedprincess Lost love Aug 16th
Lost In Translation Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Sexual Aug 16th
For Maya (1) Poem dhoomedprincess family Aug 16th
Anorexia Poem dhoomedprincess family Aug 16th
Thoughts Poem dhoomedprincess Abuse Aug 16th
Quick Note Poem dhoomedprincess Dark Aug 16th
Angel of Mercy (Apostles pt. 2) Poem forgeteden 1 Aug 16th
Angel of Malevolence (Apostles pt 1) Poem forgeteden 2 Aug 16th
Grim Love Poem forgeteden 2 Aug 16th
To the world Poem geneconner2008 Aug 16th
U cannot stop love Poem geneconner2008 Aug 16th
Nostalgia Poem greenmeadow Life/Living Aug 16th
PRICE FOR MR. RIGHT Poem heavensunrise Aug 16th
At Hebrews 13:10 Poem Starward Prayer Aug 16th
Angels Poem lioninwinter68 Aug 16th
Friendship 4 (The End-Still Strong) Poem missburgz Aug 16th
Fade to Black Poem mouths_of_babes Breaking Up Aug 16th
I thought I could trust you? Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 16th
JUDGMENTAL JANE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 16th
THE PSEUDO SUITED SAINT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 16th
FROM THE EGO'S VIEW Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 16th
COMPARABLE FABRIC Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 16th
Little 1 Foot Toys Poem poeticangeltears84 Aug 16th
Reason to Bleed Poem rairai Aug 16th
Never learn to fly Poem rairai Aug 16th
Friend (Take it or leave it.) Poem rairai Aug 16th
Drip Poem rairai Aug 16th
Hypocrit Poem rairai Aug 16th
Silence Poem rairai Aug 16th
Sing me the Blues Poem rairai Aug 16th
She held her hand Poem randyjohnson Dark Aug 16th
Please leave/stay. Poem ruth_x_less Fury Unleashed Aug 16th
Trust the Skies Poem seattlemusicrocks Aug 16th