Help Me Get Home

(To Cameron)

I was just walking home

Had my swagger on

stepping in drone

just trying to get home

Determined to get there

I had no fear

But the dreadful

Had a bag full

Of sharp frightful bees

Hiding behind buildings and trees

Glowing eyes in the dark

Crept in closer

a stalking boaster

So the faster I walked

The fiercer they talked

I began to trot

I could- just- see- my- lot

But rivals had a plot

A six deep cove

From the frying pan

Into the stove

Like missiles of thistles

they dove into my chest

life leaked out in red currents

Till there was nothing left

The moon above wept in crest

Till there was no sting left

Just click, click, click

Then a final death kick

They ran like cowards

Hearing yelps of watchdogs telling

The news like morning roosters ringing

The alarm,

baby boy fell out of the booster singing

I was just trying to get home

I was just running home

I could see it

but I just couldn’t get home

There is no crime in taking a stroll

a free man in a free country

should feel at home

Is this the twilight zone

is this an Iraqi, war tone

I thought I was in America

I thought I was free

But it was my own peers

That pierced me with spears

I was just trying to get home.

I could still see it through my tears

Home is where I lay my head

Home is where I eat my bread

Home is where my dreams are spawned

Awake to my futures destined dawn

Home is not only where I am

Home is where I will be

Home is my victory

Home is my history

Home is my final glory

They stole my testimony

My matrimony

my first child

My first home

My grandkids

My first gray

My latter days

They stole my legacy

My destiny

They stole me

Help me get home

Stop this violence

Help me get home

Drop the street sense

Get some common sense

Put down the guns

Stop killing our daughters and sons

Help me get home

Drop the thugging and the mugging

Start loving and hugging

Help me get home

Turn our neighborhood

From a prison to a dome- main

So we can be safe to walk the streets again

Help me get home

Get a college education

So you can have power to save our generation

Help me

Help me get home

If you get home

I am home

© Gail Clarke 2006

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