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oh, Music...poetry, reading mysteries, true stories, playing the Sims, God, how I love to play that game!!! magazines, comix, cross country skiing, swimming, drinking frappucino's at B&N's,traveling, visiting friends and family, etc...

I am a creative individual....interested in meeting people from all over the world...like to eat chocolate...chocolate kisses, and Lindt Raspberry Chocolate Bars...I ab' love!

I love cold popsicles, Strawberry, lime....and what else?
Fireflies(nooo, I don't eat those..sorry!) I just happen to like them!

Not too terribly fond of Politics...and PLEASE DO NOT try and Convert me......because THAT is a NO-NO!!!

I don't appreciate friends who cannot be a "REAL FRIEND".

Love to collect books, music, DVD'S. and stuffed animals....

I think I saw my teddybears sneaking out my front door!

I love cats/dogs, and "aminals" of all kinds!
Fact: bears can smell your lunch, anywhere from 10 to 15 miles away...AND, that if you wave an empty bag of potato chips in front of them.....YES! They will go after you, in a heartbeat!(Cuz', I am sorry to say, that they don't understand "I ran out.,That's all there is,..sorry bear!")

I can't stand judgemental people...God, they make me soo darn angry...not to mention those people that are "haughty" ,rude, snappish, unkind, nosier than evers, etc...

I hate when people don't use their brains,and they turn into mindless twits..and they don't "pay attention" especially while they happen to be on a cell phone, and they don't MOVE for others...God, how stupid can they be.....were they even born with brains...Hmmm, I just wonder!

I hate people that are "uppity"..and it doesn't matter what age that they happen to be....I don't like it at all!

No Toilet paper left...and you are "stuck"!!!

floods...on the kitchen floor, or in the bath tub!!!

people that pressure others to do things that they never wanted to do!!

Love, Hotfudge sundaes...and going to certain well-known ice cream parlors, that dole out a ton of ice cream...and interesting assortments of flavours! also frozen yogurt with toppings!

Dreaming of traveling and or flying dreams....absolutely fabulistic!!! oh, and not to mention BIG FUN!!!

Baby family members and family friends children.

Music from everwhere....I love Indian music,..and some Arab as well...and Latina....cha, cha, cha!!! ole'!!!!

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My belly button went out for ice cream!

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