a day is a day

The truth about us, I'd rather not know,

But a day is a day to you though,

Your million dollar smile,

Your pennies worth mind.

I'd travel the seven seas just to meet the voice on the telephone,

You said you were going to send me more letters but you still don't,

It's not like I'm needy or I think you  lied,

It's just I never found anything so great in my life.

Please excuse me for assuming the worse,

But ever since I saw you I felt this curse,

We all float on this cloud of misunderstanding,

And your heart would be a perfect place for my landing.

No one gets me, you get me.

And I'll just ignore the times you forget me.

Tell me your not sorry for your sudden disappearing,

And we can blame it all on your bad hearing,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's whatever.

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