I heard her voice after a long silence in the space

I was caught up by a white arrow flying

from a deep tunnel exactly into my heart.

Years of memories, perhaps were days

but one minute in her lips,

it was like travelling to others dimensions

without time and space

were zero or maybe infinite.

Blue sky saturated by diamonds and stars

flying as butterflies,

floating and dancing

under gold and sylver soft waterfalls,

Paradise in heaven, back in time

lost as pure image of my feelings,

Orange shinning clouds with colourful sunsets

Waves in melody with loving birds

and wind blowing my ears, dry lips

of your kiss's craving

Faces of fantasy and fresh water to my garden,

As the songs of innocent children in the street

A naive love erupting of my chest

My thoughts are in my bed when your body was

painting my blankets with your sweat and smell

Smell of a woman, scent as flowers,

soft skin as petals of red roses

and my unnumbered kisses flowing over your skin

Fememine monument, uncontrollable desire,

reason of humankind, forest with wild flowers

moving and dancing with the extasis of the wind

Lost in hills of sensual human meat

Lost in every single hair of your body,

No people, no time, no space

only you and me

Isolated in our sexual island with pleasure in the sand

and waters melted in only one part of two,

and making a single colour in our centuries

of feelings and desire, yelling and screaming of enjoyment of our desperates souls

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