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I do not pretend to be an artist, a poet, a writer...I am simply trying to finger through the tangle of emotions I have wrapped up inside my brain. I find that I don't usually get around to writing too often unless I'm FEELING something (which is the best time to write if you ask me), but that also means that my posting spells are more infrequent than anything else. Regardless, I'm here for so much needed organization, inspiration from the much more talented writers surrounding me, and perhaps the occasional commentary.
With that, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves here (and by here, I would actually like to refer to this world) as much as I am. Live, and by living--love, and by loving--bring life to others.

My loves:
Writing, playing piano, psychology, reading, singing, making songs about everything (toliet paper included), hanging out with friends, track, tennis, making the most of my time.
You know what? I just enjoy life.
Life is my hobby.


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Simply gorgeous! :-p

Alright, maybe it's just a little indent in my stomach...We can pretend though, right?


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