I Wish (I Do)

I wish,

Oh there are so many things that I wish.

And my baby,

Baby boy

They are all for you.

How I love thee,

Let me count the ways.

Everything about you keeps me coming back for more.

Your eyes, your smile, your voice, your scent, your touch...

I just love you.

And now

How I wish

You would sit up at night

Like I have

And think of me.

Baby I want you to call my name

And to long for me

Like I have longed for you.

My picture should run through the halls in your mind

And catch up with your heart...

For then you have thought fondly of me.

Then I will know I am forever yours.

Baby from thence on you are forever mine.

Oh had I had the chance

Our love would be sealed in solid gold

And carried

Wherever you will go.

Just think of me

For I think of you.

Just dream of me

For I dream of you.

Just pray to be with me

For I pray to be with you.

And just love me,

For I do love you.

I wish this to you, sweetheart,

I do.

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