Signing Off.

High School

This shouldn't be a poem about you.

But its the last one, so i'll say ok.

I've spent literally thousands of words wishing you away.

And its strange,

I woke up today,

and you were gone.

You were the sun, burning far away in places I'll never see or care about.

You were in the next state, you were over and out.

I have nothing to say to you really.

Its an alien feeling when your first love is truly over.

It really couldn't have been slower.

Even though it was all a blink.

It took a year to ruin myself,

and kill all the brain cells

that still wanted to be inside you.

I don't want to be beside you in august.

I don't want to be beside you on sundays.

I don't want to pick up the phone when your calling.

Because I want the best for us both,

and I want the inevitable to happen now.

You're in the next place, I'm over and out.

You left me with a lot of lessons.

And a small collection of dead beliefs.

But someone will see the hope in me.

Behind the cigarretes and green,

a child still lives who is waiting to be loved.

Its not a place my concious mind can touch,

but maybe a person will come along and bring out the best in me.

And i will realize again that I have so much.


There will be no more posts about you that matter.

Its another sunny day saying this far away from you.

Burn.  In ways that I don't care about.

I don't want to talk death or truth.

Its all gone now.

We are in new states,

over and out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Of course I won't forget...

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