And I'm left here, blaming myself...

wondering why no one ever told me

that love could hurt

because i know.. i gave up everything

but you couldn't stop yourself from going

anymore than i could have..

when those days you felt alive..

they all become one

it's when you realize

the light is gone.. quickly fading..

i watch the minutes tick past since you just left..

it's three and counting..

unsure of what i'll do next.

i picked up my razor, to bleed and still my falling tears..

the ones that had already fled .. without the

comfort of the cutting edge..

still, leaving me to somebodyelse

isn't there a name for that?

a reckless abandon?

discarded, disposed of?

redundant and useless..

it's all starting to make sense again, right?

you, with your eyes cast to the sky

watching the hours and planes fly by

you really had no time for me.. since that night.

wild and thoughtless, you're out of control

Au Natural, and feral

you're careless and car less

but driving away..

leaving me in your wake

leaving me awake.

i never got to hold you in my arms again..

was this all just a waste of time?

cos really..

we're sending out that message to whoever may hear..

whoever it may concern

plastered and wasted

shattered and shorn

i'm sitting here, wishing i had a bottle right now

instead of this blade, cos really..

i'd rather destroy my liver

than my  heart, tonight,

but it happened anyways

after all these weeks

i'm left in tears

how can a single moment

stretch out and corss the years?

could it get any better?

no, it's getting much worse

in fact..

you're very convinced

and far less convincing

of what you really are

flying far away.

waiting for a myth to reappear

better quality for your bright lights and soungs

forgotten, i lay broken on th e floor

bleeding in black and white

the silence..

echoes throughout my brain

i'm at my wit's end

and you're running, full speed ahjead..

and it's sixteen and counting

down go the days

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for courtney

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