New House Jam

Well I don't know where i'm going

And I don't know just what i've seen

And I don't know what tomorrow will bring

But I do know that you still love me

I try to tell you everyday

I try to show you in every way

And I might not be the best at what I do

But you should know that I still love you

You and this life mean so much to me

But some times I don't know if you can see

And I know some tmes I can act a fool

But you should know that I still Love you

The days and night keep rollin' by

Our ships commin' in but all we see is the tide

When the water gets rough and there's no land in sight

The wind in this world sail is love

How can we sit by and turn our heads

While some peoples lives don't have no bed

So help me Jesus i'll spread what i can

And i'll start right here with loving her

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