Just a couple of explanations and Rants

"I got nothing to Hold onto but I'm holding tight"

Everyone has Words they feel veryone should hear,

But they are just afriad no one wants to hear,

That's thier only fear,

It's so Lonely, when your words are rotting here,

In the middle of a page,

In the center of a stage,

Mocked and full of Rage,

Trying to Spill the words they all Want to hear

But Nervousness Burdens us

and everythin you thought of has Froze on us,

Got to Relax sit back,

thinkof the time

where all you could do is sit down and rhyme

Remeber back then

and feel the same

feel those feelings Remeber the Pain

Even if they don't understand the pain

understand the guilt

the hope

the rain that pours continously

on your hopeless life

Just Spit it out

the lyrics and restrain your strife

The long sleepless nights

your sanity fights

when you had nothing to hold on to

but your holding on tight...

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