Too Much

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It’s the way your touch goes right though me

You know that a part of you dwells in me

It’s the way you touch

It way too much

Why cloud’s we be free

Why do we have to care what others see

The way you make me bite my lip

I just cant get enough of it

Why couldn’t I be older then seventeen

I know more than what the world thinks I have seen

People don’t understand and they ask why

I am still your peach

But I am sitting in a very hot seat

I could never stand my grounds

But I know we can be

Nothing more nothing less

I don’t want to confess

What keeps me here holding on

Even though I know its wrong

You dive me crazy

And all you have to do is simile and call me your baby

Making me act like a maniac

That’s why it hurts to look back  

Every time I think of you I try to smile

Instead my heart over powers my head and I cry

None-of-the-less I’ll let the memories of you run though my head

For awhile

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