You Will Never Win!

You will never win!

Not in this life time, you will,

never win, you walk the wrong line.

You think people want you

as leaders for all?!?

Think again,

cuz' you won't have the Balls,

to stand on two feet,

let alone even one,

you're ignorant, dishonest, and

you will All be Shunned!

You will never win!

people are enraged, you

lack the willpower to ,


You think that Hitler is

so very cool.....

I gotta tell you, he was MiXeD up,

and Uncool!

He didn't know , how to

manage his "own strife",

because this fool, up n' took

his own life!

You will never win! No matter,

what you say, cuz' we're gonna

keep it up, every single day! No

matter how small, no matter

what size, the people will support,

the people will Rise!

Hands across the nation,

holding tight , as tight can be,

praying , wishing, hoping, don't

want a World War III !

Keep your own dark visions , to

yourself -for you be true,

But the rest of us, are marchin',

and we'll be marchin' on past you!

Author's Notes: By lilwinky

Written Thursday October 27th, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about anti-racism!

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