Everly Unsettling Evenrude & The Backwards Two-Timing Backstabbers

Run-On Sentences

Unmistakable batteries suspended lye wating in my camera, buzzing wires flowing with the foam of rabies, and now I can smell every sound as if a loosening turtleneck, a collar clowly releasing its grip, withdrawing its fist. I am not nothing, but ironically I am everything. The conceivable thought of all, now, appears to me to be an unfettered interpretation of myself, my own interlocked, interwoven straight jacket, my own piece of the jigsaw puzzle unresolved and indecipherable. I am never merely my body and mind, but each moment, each blushing interaction I do so participate within, each intimate touch of my skin upon another's, each blending fluid, succlent, slender and diabolically, vulnerably soluble, not diluted, but Everly, poetically blended, accumulated, multiplied, as thoughts built upon thoughts, words built upon gallons of paint, I am the structured chaos, I am the battery within the web of wires, the natural chemical that spreads amongst each crevice, vitally, the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the poetic completion of the conundrum solution.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8/11/04. about a painting which still remains unfinished. posted here exactly 2 years later..

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