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I like to write poetry and
my own song lyrics, I like
to play soccer and chill
out with my freinds and
go to the movies and shopping
plus I love to sing. and dance
to I like long walks in the park
and a small picinc and i also
enjoy taking pictures of people.
my family freinds or speacil events to its great fun .:*).

The dentist told me i have pretty teeth .
Plus im on Postpoems. and
and and . Those
are My Favorite Best Poerty sites. check them out
some time Thank you and May God Bless you always . o :*)

I am Gald & Blessed to be a Saved and Baptized Christian .

I love Adventure Story books and Vampires and Mystical Creatures
book s about Mermaids, Vampires, and Unicorns and Cowboys and Etc .

Plus now in Lastest news about me now I am now Fully Enrolled
in College as a Full Time student taking Socialogy Classes .
I love people and it deeply shows right now . I cant wait to finish
all of my Majors and Start my own Catering Company into future .
I love to cook if you did not know that about me . or

I need to make up my own Recipe Cookbook with tasty recipes
for my public to enjoy my recipes are ready for publishing now .

About My Navel

its cute, round neat,
well shaped and very soft .
i could draw a small face on it
Hee hee hee ;*)Peace and Hugs.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

its better to have loved
than to have never loved at all.


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