when the house is all quiet that's when I find

my mind's secret door

the one that opens up brave, new and exciting regions

to map and explore

I've followed this path so often that I almost know

the journey by heart

in this room of unlevel reasoning

the end tends to precede its start

around and around in chaotic circles such fugitives

dance and dart

some believe my ability to tap into these games

is what makes me seem so sly and smart

but in their careless pensive play I take little or

no active part

if life had a mapped out plan I would try to memorize

such a chart

this is not me but a higher form of me

one that with its own brilliance

with itself it love to argue and disagree

causing so much trouble deep down inside

some would label me a prisoner of my own

self destructive mind..............

( written Feb 12,1992 pm)

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