So Incredible


She opens her eyes

And she's working towards her life since then

She'll learn to dispize...

but she'll learn to love again

There's something 'bout the darkness

that makes her feel alive

She gets sick of the uncertainty

but thats what makes her thrive

Well she's the only one

She is knowledgable

And beautiful

So incredible, so incredible

She could be your muse, she could be your inspiration

You can't quite refuse her love's intoxication

She's everybodies type; it's appauling

She'll take you to the ground and you're crawling

But her lips are shaking, she's 17

And her house is clean but she's not...

The only one

She is sinful and forgetable

So incredible, so incredible

Life is not a resource that is assumed to be replenished

Even though life's free, you must spend your moments wisely

Even though life's free, you must be working towards it constantly

She knows, she knows...

Cuz she's the only one

She's reliable

But regretable

She's incredible, so incredible

She's so incredible...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This starts at my youth, then to my idiot adolecense, then to my acceptance.

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