i just want you to know..

Its you i want, its  you i'll get

Its you i need, its you i miss.

Those long days at the beach alone

Laying on sand just you and me.

Thats the only place i'd love to be.

I dream of you every night

Wishing it would be you holding me tight.

Gentle hands holding around my waist

Theres no other person i'd rather be with every day.

Why cant we be? why cant we be together?

You and i both know, we where meant to be with eachother.

Theres a piece of my heart missing, its with you.

Hold on to it till we meet again.

One true love, my secret, dont ever leave.

The only person you diserve is me.

You dont need anger you dont need hate

Its only you and me who truly relate.

I've never been so happy in my life

Actually being able to smile without feeling guilty.

I just want you to know no matter where you are.

no matter where i am.

I will always truly only love you....


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