Letters etc...To the Vietnam Vets' Wall.


Letters etc... to the Vietnam Vets Wall

"Hi , Grandpa!"

Hi Uncle Joe!. I miss the way

you used to play with me,

those many years ago!"

"Hey, there, Frank, nice to see

you again! just to let you know,

saw some of your buddies, last


"How long has it been, since

we came to say hi? Do you recall,

might have been last July!"

Note: Dear Uncle Jake, I just

turned ten! Mom didn't come

this time, but she will some

day again!

I wish that I had met you,

you were mom's fav'

she always tell me stories

of way back in "the days"!

I miss you baby, I miss your

close soft hugs,

I miss when I used to give

you lots of long back rubs...

I miss you all the time, and

even since I married,

nobody could ever take

your place, your my "true

Love", I love you, Barry!

Note: Hi Ray, well, alot

has changed in my life,

lost my hair, but gained a wife,

three kids in college, and

really solid!

I think of you, and others too,

when I see the red white and blue!

Thought I 'd come , just me,

alone, and share or talk, or pick a


Here's a letter from your sister,

SUe, who said "say hi!" (she misses

you too!)

your friend always, Ben B.

James, I wanted to come to see

you, I love the flowers that Dan left

for you, and the American Flag Bear

that the kids left too!

James , we have another grandbaby!

We named him after you...!

Love, Sis

So many letters, and

so many words,

so much love spread,

still sadness is heard...

but, we don't have to say,

any goodbyes, just

because they 've

moved on, because they've


Yes, they may have all gone,

But, they will be remembered

for years and years on!

Author's Notes: By lilwinky

Written Thursday May 11th, 2006

This is an ode to the ones that died in the Vietnam War, and this is to those that miss their friends, family and more from then!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a special poem to all of those special U.S.A. Vets...thank you, so very kindly for being there...you are honor us, by your actions and the love you have for your country and fellow men in service and round the world!
Thank you for your tireless efforts, to do all of things that you have perservered in doing! Thank you,
thank you, thank you!

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