True love doesn't exist

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True love how can it be

is it a myth? guess it' not for me

i'm cold both inside and out

I can't do it I'm running about

send me a love send me a sign

then again love it intertwines

the ties that bond the ties that break

people hurt me people take

i loved you once i still love you now

my life is sour it never bos

don't want to love don't want to care

take this pain its too much to bare

i want to die i hate my life

love it brings too much strife

take it now take it all

i just really don't want to fall

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teresa_r's picture

I agree and all love
does is hurt,

Joshua  Alexander's picture

And after reading this It sounds a lot like me. I shall never let you fall.

heavensunrise's picture

Life is white as the pure soul, clear water can be drink
in the forest , we might drink the nearest available to relieve the thist, but might not be the right water and we might get sick....