Another lost melody

It’s as simple as an easy tune,

A calm and soothing melody,

And that’s all I asked of you,

But you could never find the remedy.

You could never strum the right chord,

Maybe because I had all the wrong notes,

Nothing abstract, we wouldn’t want to get bored,

My life is a song, but you didn’t listen to what I wrote.

That song was for you, every single word!

I know for damn sure it’s something you’ve never heard!

Now it’s something I can’t ever let you hear,

I can never sing those words again, they will never be so clear.

Every line I sang so loud,

Every note I struck with heart,

Every time I played it made me proud,

Until the day you turned me off, it all fell apart.

Now the tune has changed its theme,

It no longer speaks of you and me,

It’s back to hopes and far off dreams,

Back to the beginning…or so it seems.

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