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Chester, Va

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poetry, chatting, emailing, posting, hanging out and 'other' things that apply

la dee da and whoopi doo, i am dead sexxay and you're a piece of poo, and that was really homo, i do think, don't you? my real name is josh - spontaneous??!! wtf...

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ying-yang inny-outty--no joke.

My Own Epitaph --
"Here Lay A Man Who Died A Day
Later Than His One Love, May
His Life Did End,
No Disease Was Part,
But Died The Death
Of A Shattered Heart"

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

'To Live Is To Die and To Die Is To Be Set Free'

''My Words Are Like A Shark's Tooth: Digging Under Surfaces, Uncovering Hidden Truths - - Exposing The Facts To My Eyes, A Skill Not Embraced Or Despised''

''I exist to save you from torment - my depression is my only vent to save my soul from its content - i almost feel, that to live, I wasn't meant - but my life i keep even though it went...''


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