Music Antidote

Musical Antidote flows right to the bone,

Musical Inspirations hits me harder then Stone.

Being my Soul, the Air I Breathe,

It's constantly strong then anything else to me.

No matter how black the sky may seem,

With my Music I hardly look at anything Negatively.

The Rhythum of this Life was once hard for me,

I became Depressed and too Blind to see.

This Light source of Life, the Craft of Strife,

the Inspirations it gave me seemed so right.

My Creations grew stronger, I could hold on for Longer,

And now I'm here where I feel I Belong.

Because Music gave me everything, Including thoughts for this song,

No matter how many times I'd get up on Stage,

I'll still Remember I couldn't of been here today.

I'll remember the Pain of those Long dreary Days,

Where the Mornings where no Different, Sunshine or Rain.

I'll remember the Hurt the struggle, the pain,

And How Music helped me get stronger each Day.

Now to wake up, Just to taste the Rain,

reminds me of a symphony instead of a continous Strain,

knowing no matter what i've done today,

Music will confort me and help me Each Day.

Music from the Beginning Right to the End,

A Lifelong Partner, A Lifelong Friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

11:14am  21st of July 2006

Written and Editted for College Project

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

music is always the best remedy... I like this cause it speaks so true. I can completely relate. I owe a ton to my bands such as Slayer, Six Feet Under, and Emperor. Keep up the hails to music!