Is there rebirth?

Oldies :)

It's almost like a funeral
For a person who's still alive
Your heart is the only thing that attends
Each and every day

The loved one, the friend
Who you used to know
Just like a death
The change was sudden and confusing

Why did they change?
Who decided that move?
Check mate...the game is done
The winner takes all
But what will they do with it?

Where is your heart?
I don't know you anymore
I can't believe you're gone...
I didn't get to say goodbye

My heart is filled with grieving
A constant battle, it seems
Some days I'm able to ignore it
Others...well, that's another story

Where have you gone?
I have no say in it, I suppose
But there's always that lingering hope...
That the beautiful past will bloom again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8/14/06 I'll miss it.

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sanctus's picture

dreadful poem

dreadful poem

tonfa_wielder's picture

=D It's supposed to be!

=D It's supposed to be!

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's picture

Another beautiful poem even though it hovers over a deep emotional scar. The words and self analysis coupled with questions about the behaviour of people are quite meaningful here and so is the title. You have lots of talent in you Katie. Don't give up. Like you yourself say in another poem, keep your eyes on the future and let the past keep its dead. March on O talented have so much to accomplish and God-willing you will.