The lights are off

Ilya 2006

They think Im crazy

They give me a jacket Every Single Day

They talk to me like im little

Every Single Day

They keep the lights on

They ask me about my knife

They ask me about my son

Every Single Day they ask me if I remmember?

Every singe Day they show me pictures of a boy


a knife

They tell me I have to wear the jacket

        They ask me why?

The food is pale.

They wont let me outside with the rest of the jackets.

Why did you do it?

Wheres my wife I ask them?

He stairs into my eyes like there blank

Like Im dead

he shows me picture of a woman

the most pretty woman

but her lipstick is all over her

but the lipstick looks like blood

and her eyes are closed

shes pretty

the food is pale

They say Im a monster

Every Single Day

They shake there heads

They show me the picture

How could you do it?

Why did you do it?

I tell them I want to see my family.

They shake there heads

Every single day

The tears dont come anymore

my eyes are empty

It doesnt hurt anymore

The knife they show me

heals my pain

they say if they take off the jacket I will cut myself

I say I never cut myself

They show me picturs of an ugly man

and evil man

a killer

he has no skin on his arms

they show me the woman

the boy

the knife

the blood

the food is pale.

the jacket is tight.

The lights are off.

Every Single Day

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